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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roadster, Aug 18, 2014.

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  2. Ryback rules/10
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  3. I didn't watch a frame. Typical/10
  4. Ziggler retains - 2
    Ambrose and Rollins - 2
    Paul Heyman promo - 2
  5. Harsh Brah?
  6. Nah.

    Individually those are 10/10. Had to tone it down to the rest of the how
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  7. The one behind the one who beat the one who thought he was going to beat the one behind the one in 21 and 1 /10.
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  8. I'd give you creative, but your sidebar won't move unless I give a like
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  9. Honestly seemed like a typical show to me. Ambrose v. Rollins was predictable
    The rest seemed pee break-able.
    Heyman promo was fucking gold. Would have been a 4/10 if not for that.
  10. Friendly as fuck.
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  11. Would have been a Funny but... y'know
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  12. LD's always result in a boost in likes. That gif summarizes my opinion of WWE's booking strategy
  13. I noticed that earlier, but I thought the numbers were just off. I didn't realize that it only counts the amount of likes you have, so hopefully it can be altered. @Solidus
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  14. Also, during the LD the text editor went wack and I had to leave.
  15. Was going for "agree" but you already know what the deal is.
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  16. Yeah I'm kind of p*ssed off about that
  17. Really enjoyed tonight. The storylines were all played out extremely well. Ambrose vs Rollins was fucking awesome, Mark Henry continues to prove what a G he is, and I liked the Zigger/Miz rematch. I was at about a 7/10 or 8/10 before the Ambrose/Rollins match, but that put it over the top for me. 9/10.
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    Ziggler retained.
    Heyman Promo.
    Henry destroyed Rusev.


    Opening segment with Steph and the Bellas was terrible.
    Show/Henry vs Wyatts was boring.
    6 man tag was boring.
    Natalya vs Paige was boring.
    Swagger vs Cesaro was unnecessary.
    Usos vs Dust Bros was boring.
    Ambrose vs Rollins was kept within the ring the majority of the match although it was a falls count anywhere match and Kane, once again, interfered making Rollins look extremely weak and unable to beat Ambrose.
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