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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Roadster, Sep 15, 2014.

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  2. Rollins and Reigns, and Heyman's promo's were the only good part of this show, and everything else was just...horrible, IMO. Worst RAW show in months.
  3. Watching it right now, not thrilled so far. Will rate it later.
  4. I completely skimmed through it. The way the whole Cena/Heyman/Lesnar thing played out, Rollins vs Reigns (um, what's up with them giving away their first-ever singles match on television one week before the PPV?) and the Rusev/Henry confrontation were the only things that had my interest. Thank goodness for the power of DVR.
  5. Just done watching this episode. Giving it a very generous 5/10

    - Heyman/Cena promo
    - Sheamus & The Usos vs Cesaro & Gold-Stardust
    - Lesnar/Cena brawl, could've been executed a helluva lot better. But I guess they're saving it up for NoC
    - The Ziggler Twins vs The Miz & Mizdow
    - Seth's backstage promo & Reigns vs Rollins - It was a good match, good to see Seth using Avada Kedavra again

    - Y2J vs Kane - Absolute garbage of a match
    - Swagger vs Bo - Meh, didn't like it
    - Paige & Titty Bella vs AJ & Brie - It was such a good feud 'tween AJ and Paige till this Bella crap showed up
    - Big Show vs Wyatt - It was garbage. Whatever happened to Bray's awesome promos, though... And screw you WWE for burying The Wyatt Family!
    - Naomi vs Cameron - Skipped through that shit, btw
    - Having Reigns vs Rollins only a week away from their PPV match. Not that it wasn't a good match, but... Why the fuck would ya give it away, dimwits? Also, another minus for Reigns getting the clean win. The match should've ended in a DQ
    - Rusev/Henry ending Raw. Meh.
  6. Not a very good final lead up RAW to a PPV by any means.. was a little disappointed.
    This R-Ziggler thing is so weird..
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  7. i long for a raw where i don't just skim through it online :upset:
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