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  1. You know the drill. rate out of ten.
  2. 7/10

    First hour was really boring, but business picked up after that. It had the best segment + mark-out moment of the year thus far.
    Only real complaints were Cena and jobber matches
  3. 7/10 rocky + graduation
  4. 6-7/10

    Wasn't great, wasn't horrible.
  5. I only paid half attention to it (was surfing the internet while it was playing on TV) but it seemed pretty good. The Rock/Shield segment was great (wonder if the Shield being banned from ringside increases the chance of Brock costing Rock the match.)
  6. [attachment=207][attachment=207]Punk's promos always give the show a boost. Cena makes my ears bleed and the Rock repeats everything he says twice. it's like he is thinking in slow motion. The graduation was great. Kane and Daniel Bryan have been genius the past months. I'm really starting to like Del Rio. It just shows how great a heel Show has been with the way Del Rio has turned to a fan favorite so quickly. i'll give it a 7/10

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  7. Didn't watch it. Guessing it was a decent show.
  8. 7/10, although they should have ended on Punk/Rock.
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