Rate Raw July 29

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. Post your numbers, folks! :tyson:
  2. My time machine worked!!!
  3. A month of my life...wasted.:((
  4. Fake pops/10
  5. Spoilers looked better/10
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  6. 6/10,it was an ok show I suppose but nothing really rememberable happened.
  7. 7/10. Didn't watch it all.
  8. 6.5/10 - Not a bad show at all
  9. They muted AJ chants lol

  10. 3.5/10.

    One of the worst RAWs I've seen in a while.
  11. boring as fuck
  12. 5/10. Glad I DVRed it and didn't watch live.
  13. 5/10. Not a very good show, I kind of fell asleep half way.
  14. Fell asleep/10 but I liked the D Bry segments the day after :obama:
  15. Turned it on online and realized "oh shit, you mean I'm about to watch this for the next 3 hours? The intimidation! :why:"

    out of 10
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