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  1. You know the drill.
  2. Stealing my gimmick.

  3. 5 or 6 out of 10 for me.

    - Cesaro getting back up
    - Lesnar segment
    - Sandows Promo
    - Henry whipping Sheamus
  4. A good 5/10 from me, not great, but not horrible.
  5. -Brock trashing Triple H's office was awesome. Loved the two hints they threw out for future plans concerning Brock - Brock getting a title shot (when Heyman said you'll never get a title shot as long as Triple H is in control... and did it mean anything that it was the WHC that Brock put on his shoulder? Would be awesome for Brock to win THAT belt) and when he took a moment to stare at The Rock's picture on the wall as almost a prelude to their Wrestlemania XXX match.

    -Loved Henry whipping Sheamus while trash talking him. The IC Champion jobbed again, of course.

    -The Shield going over as usual and the ending segment was pretty good.

    -Orton/Sandow and Del Rio/Ziggler were pretty good matches.

    Everything else was average or above average. Nothing really terrible elsewhere on the show (or too terribly exciting either.)
  6. Some ok reveiws look forward to watching this in a few hours when back from my early shift at work. :-)
  7. Appalling. Honestly don't think I have ever been so bored throughout a show. They managed to make any segment that involved someone remotely entertaining boring somehow.

    0/10. Literally isn't worth a mark for me. It was an effort watching that.

    Edit - Sorry, it gains a mark for Lesnar and Heyman. That elevator segment :lol1:
  8. Mark Henry whipping Sheamus/10
  9. 4/10 once again
  10. Question, how was Kane vs. Ryback? Worth a watch??
  11. Points for:

  12. haha stole my rating. The one moment I didn't feel like I was wasting my time during this Raw.
  13. Looks like I missed out on yet another great show. Shame.
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