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    Rate RAW.

    I give it garbage/10​
  2. lol still got like 1 hour left.
  3. :dafuq: RAW is 3 hours?
  4. Yeah!! HAHAH!
  5. 2.5/10.

    Had its moments. That's about it.
  6. I think Daniel Bryan made 3 appearances so 2/10 and -1/10 for the rest
  7. So I take it I should watch Raw when I get home :otunga:
  8. Too much CM Punk in it, felt the whole night revolved around him, and because of that the tag team division suffered for it. 2.5 out 10.
  9. Lol

    Won't be Watching this
  10. 10/10 worth watching. don't skip any parts.
  11. Are you en employee of the WWE? :dawg:
  12. Best Raw since after Wrestlemania. Maybe even better.
    We even got a "THIS IS AWESOME!" chant in a divas match.
  13. I thought they were cheering my shit during the bathroom break/ divas match!
  14. t'was awesome


    Moment of the night had to be when Punk told Vince he had 'screw looses' :lol1:
  15. Rating Raw is really just a algebraic equation, where you give points for all the things that equal a good show, and deduct those that fail every time. The equation is as follows:



    Show Spoiler

    H: Hell No appearances: 2 (opener and opening match ran together)
    P: Punk segments: 2
    M: Other meaningful segments: 3 (The main event, Miz TV, and Ryback squashing Otunga)
    D: 2-point bonus for Ziggler doing something meaningful: 0

    A: AJ Lee Appearances: 1
    G: Sheamus Appearances (G for Get the fuck off my TV): 1
    S: Santino appearances or other stupid shit: 2 (R-Truth talking to Little Jimmy)
    F: Filler garbage that did nothing for nobody, weren't entertaining, or buried promising talent: 8 (The opener, the Show/Bryan match, ADR squashing Brodus, Cesaro vs Gabriel, Kane vs Striker, SuperSheamus vs Barrett, Rhodes Scholars vs Primico, Miz vs Kofi right before Main Event and probably a PPV match)
    Z: 2 point penalty for making Ziggler look like shit: 2
    2: 2 point penalty for Raw still being 3 hours: 2

    So it comes out to a -9! What an awe-inspiring show from WWE tonight, so glad people got to miss that Monday Night game for such and amazing Raw. You simply can't see television like this anywhere else.
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  16. Welcome back @[Rain] <3
  17. They just need to stop this SHIT 0.5/10:upset:
  18. 1/10 It wasn't as interesting as the other episodes.
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