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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Opening segment and main event was 10/10 worthy promos.

    Other than Anger Management, the rest sucked imo.


    Btw, Punk/Cena (ignoring Bret hitting Punk) was the best segment of 2012 imo. That was fucking amazing. Both of them bring out the best of each other. Marked hard over that.
  2. 3.0/10

    Only good think I can take away from that show was Anger Management.
  3. I'm probably going to give it a 5. Just because the crowd was AWESOME!
  4. Main event...?? :O
  5. Nah I wasn't really that much of a fan, It just seemed to drag on too long.
  6. :shock:
  7. Probably overshadowed at the fact I wanted Cena to just :STFU: so I could get a update on Jerry.
  8. Just saw the second half, but other than Lawler it wasn't too bad.

    Show Spoiler

    Love Kane and Bryan getting the tag-title shot. LOVE IT.
    Don't give half a crap about the Sheamus storyline and he came across as an absolute idiot by Brogue Kicking an opposing lawyer.
    Rhodes finally got a win and didn't look like a complete idiot
    Ryback ftw
    The ending segment was great until Bret cut Punk's balls off (heat = money, so how is WWE still in business?)
    Tyson almost beat ADR

    Was fine with all of that.
  9. Picture of Cole during Raw

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