Rate RAW September 17th

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. 5/10 for me.


    Tag team division looks great atm.
    Punk main eventing.
    Miz gets his own show.
    Ryback feuding with Miz.
    Prime Time Players


    All the rest
  2. 4.5/10
    That was so boring to watch.
    Even Ziggler's match.
    MizTV = Win
  3. 3/10 (I'm been generous)

    Good :

    Kane and Bryan
    Ryback feuding with the Miz
    Ryback segment backstage


    Everything else
  4. Probably a 5/10

    Daniel Bryan and Kane
    Damien Sandow on TV
    CM Punk/Heyman

    The Rest of the Tag Teams
    The Miz's new Talk Show (as if he hasn't been thrown in my face enough)
    This stupid storyline with Punk/Cena about miss calls
    Sheamus and ADR
    Lack of AJ wrestling
  5. :sandow:/10

    Show Spoiler
    There were a few small things out there, but Sandow was the only thing I really liked.

    Incompetent referees, bitching heels, and GM drama are so played out...
  6. thought it was alright 6/10

    they acted as if ziggler beating santino was the biggest win of his career though -.-
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