Rate/Review Smackdown - 8/3/12

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  1. Was another match heavy Smackdown which made for pleasant viewing; never at any point though was I on the edge of my seat and it just kind of went through the motions throughout without anything really progressing at all.

    The first segment was pretty poor. I did lmao at Vince saying that finding a GM for Smackdown was an "arduous task" for him - he probably just remembered that he had to pick one as he forgot last week and decided he would go for Booker just for the lulz.

    Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus were both dull as hell once again. Del Rio once again being given nothing more to say than "I'm rich and he peasant" and Sheamus was - well - just being himself, pitiful, juvenile attempts at humour and not interesting me whatsoever. The best out of the lot of them in the segment was Booker who didn't come across as so generic.

    Sheamus vs Tensai really surprised me. Was a stiff match and the two of them actually combine quite well. I enjoyed the fact that they didn't try to wrestle they did what they do best which is brawling. Really impressed with the two of them in this match and was probably Match of the Night.

    Santino vs Cesaro was a decent enough match. Think it was booked well in that it didn't complete bury Santino and made Cesaro look strong and heelish in the process. It's only a matter of time before he becomes US champ which can only be seen as a good thing IMO.

    Quick shoutout to the Daniel Bryan video package which was absolutely incredible. They strike again.

    The tag match was just a typical WWE tag match only filled with guys who made it relatively entertaining. Still though, why do they continue do hold off on a Miz/Christian microphone segment? The fued could really use it and they're both decent enough on the mic to make me care a lot more about it than I currently do. I just hope they do so nearer the time.

    Ziggler Jericho is gonna be absolutely awesome. Honestly so pumped for it and same with MIz/Christian a back and forth microphone battle could really help their fued. Still, even without one people still care about them enough for it to work - just think it would be better off.

    I sigh at the thought of Daniel Bryan vs Kane AGAIN. Kane is old, useless and Daniel Bryan is just being dragged down by him. I pray that this fued consists of one match where Kane puts him over and then just ends but knowing WWE, I severely doubt it.

    Anyway the match was interesting enough and the ending was good. Ziggler sold Kane's punch like he got shot which was awesome, but not quite as awesome as the yes/no battle D-Bry had with the fan which was classic :lol1:

    Ryback/Mawhawl is better than Ryback just squashing jobbers every week I guess, still got no interest in Mawhawl so it's pretty meh for me. Have to say though I loved Ryback finally getting an opportunity to talk because he can, and because it gives people a reason to care about him if he's talking and not just burying someone every single week.

    Del Rio vs Orton was such a pointless match. It was dull as hell and all it achieved was Orton burying a guy who WWE have been pushing as being more aggressive for months. I'm not sure if I want him added to the title match at SummerSlam because as much as I want Sheamus to lose his title, that moment would be ruined slightly if it was Orton who won the title to be honest.

    Still, have decent Smackdown but as I said, there was no progression on any of the stories and it was hardly exciting stuff. Some decent matches though and the Sheamus/Tensai match was good viewing which is a big positive for me.

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    i also dont like about there being no progression and think Cesaro being US champ would be good
  5. Yeah glad to see it Isn't just me who isn't taking a semi over this Smackdown lol.
  6. 2/10. Ryback vs Mahal and Ziggler selling the codebreaker.

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  8. That's a bit low, did you not even enjoy the tag team match?