Ring of Honor Rate ROH 3/21/15

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  1. You know the drill. Vote above, give yer thoughts below.

    Full results here:

    Roderick Strong vs. Bobby Fish

    The two start trading holds and reversals, working a really stiff style early on. The two both lock on submissions until Roderick Strong hits an awesome backbreaker off the top rope on Fish. Strong lands another backbreaker as we go to the first commercial back from the show.

    As we come back, Strong scores with yet another backbreaker, as Fish answers with one of his own. Fish follows up with a moonsault that only gets a two can't. The crowd is really into this match as we get chants of "Bobby Fish," and "this is wrestling.

    Fish lands a kick, but can't get the three count. The two end up on the top rope, which allows Strong to hit a big superplex and a gutbuster, but Fish kicks out. The two are standing toe to toe trading until Strong finishes fish off with a Sick Kick and a backbreaker for the pin.

    Winner: Roderick Strong via pinfall

    Strong makes it known that he wants an ROH World Title shot.

    -Donovan Dijak is out for his TV Title match with Jay Lethal. If Dijak doesn't get signed by the WWE within a year, I'd be stunned. Lethal, Truth Martini, and J Diesel come out and Martini tells Dijak if he faces Lethal now he'll lose. They offer Dijak a spot in the House of Truth....and he accepts!

    Dalton Castle comes out and cuts a great promo on Jay Lethal and challenges him to a match. Lethal accepts by attacking Castle

    Ring of Honor World Television Championship
    Jay Lethal (c) (w/ Truth Martini, Donovan Dijak & J Diesel) vs. Dalton Castle

    Castle is doing pretty well until J Diesel distracts him, allowing Truth to clock Castle. Lethal follows up with an absolutely insane sequence where he does three dives back to back to back, making the crowd go nuts.

    Back in the ring, the two trade punches and smacks, and Castle comes out the better of it. Castle hits a nice German Suplex that almost wins him the TV title, but Dijak yanks him out of the ring. Dijak hits Feast Your Eyes and sends him back in to a waiting Lethal who finishes him off with Lethal Injection.

    Winner: Jay Lethal via pinfall (Lethal Injection) to retain the ROH World Television Championship.

    - There's an "invasion" type promo for KRD that says change is coming.

    ROH World Championship
    Jay Briscoe (c) vs. Jimmy Jacobs

    The announce team has been repeatedly hyping up the ROH hotline tonight. The two competitors end up outside, and Briscoe is tossed into the guard rail. Briscoe returns the favor, but Jacobs scores with a cutter off the guard rail as we go to a commercial.

    Back from the break both men are back inside the ring throwing slaps back and forth, which has been the theme of this show. Briscoe handles that situation and lands a Death Valley Driver as the crowd chants for him.

    Briscoe obliterates Jacobs with a bevy of moves, but can't knock him off of his feet. Briscoe answers that challenge with a huge Burning Hammer, but Jacobs fights back with a spear to get a two count. Jacobs also hits a sliced bread, but can't get a pin.

    Jacobs exits the ring, and looks like he's leaving. He sees Briscoe's title and gets motivated and heads back to the ring. He hits a couple of DDTs, a sliced bread and throws on a guillotine choke that Briscoe fights out of. Briscoe hits the Jay Driller and gets the pinfall.

    Winner: Jay Briscoe via pinfall (Jay Driller)to retain the ROH World Championship

    The two shake hands as the crowd gives Jacobs a huge ovation. He'll be working for WWE's creative team next month.

    Source: http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2015/0322/591620/ring-of-honor-tv-results/
  2. Dalton Castle is the greatest thing in wrestling.
  3. Just got around to watching it today, pretty solid show.. Dalton's promo & match were great!
  4. 7/10 for me.

    - Strong vs Fish was some good stuff, I liked it.

    - Dijak joining the House of Truth... Not surprised. Dijak >>>>> Diesel (kick him out)

    - Dalton's promo was hilarious. His match against Lethal was good.

    - Jay Briscoe vs Jimmy Jacobs was pretty good.
  5. I gave all 3 matches a 3 out of 5 stars which is pretty good, the segments inbetween bumped it up a little bit so I'll go with a 7/10 as well.
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  6. Yeah, all 3 matches were enjoyable and well worth the 3 stars, imo.
  7. These days it's getting harder for me to give any ROH match above a 3 star to be honest, simply because the standard has been raised significantly over the last two years.
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  8. Yeah, as long as the matches are good and I have a good time watching them, I've got no problem giving them 3 (or more) stars.
  9. Didn't watch ROH, but I do love Balor's new avatar.

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  10. Oh, thanks bud.
  11. [​IMG]
    The look on Lethal's face is priceless.
  12. I have to say, this was a really fun show to watch. The opener, just a straight up wrestling match with two faces, no angle, no nothing, just one guy beating another in a fun contest. Then we got the whole HoT deal and the match with Castle, was a nice contest too. The main event was a good match, not great but good, especially liked the ending stretch after Jacobs looked at the belt and all. Good ROH action.
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