Rate Sheamus on the mic

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Great on the mic

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  2. Average on the mic

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  3. Sheamful on the mic.

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  1. Pick one of the options, vote, and then reply saying which you picked :)
  2. I voted Average on the mic.
  3. Has to be Sheamful. With the right opponent and good material he can be average but he seems so dull, especially as a face.
  4. I find accents fascinating
  5. Sheamful, get those corny jokes and bad acting out of here. He just seems like he was rehearsing his lines a few minutes before the promo and it shows, I just don't buy his mic work.
  6. Shit as a face
    Below average but above sheamful as a heel
  7. He's average to good, he rarely stumbles over his words and made folk tales semi entertaining to me. He understands how to sell aggression and a joking nature with his tone and tempo, he'll never win any awards but he's good enough by a long shot.
  8. He's not horrific, he's decent enough and is confident on the mic which is enough to call him average. However he needs to improve a lot considering where he is on the card at the moment, he'd probably be unable to have a 20 minute long mic segment and keep it interesting at the moment.
  9. Average. His delivery is fine and he's cut good promos, but he's nothing special at best.
  10. Can I have a link to his good promo?

    There's one promo I liked from him, and it was on Mike Tyson where he claimed he was the baddest man on the planet.
  11. I voted for average. FELLA! ARSE!... POTATO!

    He's not bad but he's definitely not great.
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