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Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Jacob Fox, Aug 16, 2016.

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  1. Rate this week's Smackdown in our poll and make sure to leave your comments below!

    Smackdown Results (open)

    Miz TV

    The show opens with Miz TV and their guest, Dolph Ziggler. Shortly after Ziggler comes into the ring, Dean Ambrose comes down to the ring and interupts. The two went back and forth talking to each other about whether or not Dolph was good enough to become WWE Champion and hold the belt, due to his many near misses. After a few minutes of arguing at their match at Summerslam, Dolph superkicked Dean out of the blue and then left the ring.

    During the Commercial

    The Miz criticized Apollo Crews, once again referring to him as "Apollo Creed," and got knocked out for his effot.

    American Alpha, the Hype Bros and the Usos vs the Vaudvillains, The Ascension and Breezango

    American Alpha scored the pinfall in a quick and chaotic 12 man tag match.

    Naomi vs Eva Marie

    Naomi entered the ring with a new entrance, wearing pastel colors to a black light. Eva Marie did not even come out for the match. It was announced she could not make it.

    Backstage AJ Styles and Alberto Del Rio

    AJ told Del Rio that he was jealous because although they both beat Cena, Del Rio gets to relive it. Del Rio told AJ he didn't need his pep talk. AJ told Del Rio that is why he is in the main event at Summerslam and Del Rio isn't even on the card.

    Heath Slater vs Randy Orton

    Heath Slater defeated Randy Orton by DQ when Orton began beating Slater in the corner and would not stop. After being DQed, Orton kept beating Slater around the ring for several minutes.

    After the match, Heath Slater was being tended to by a health attendant. Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan came in and congratulated Heath on winning his contract since he won by DQ. Slater was delirious, thinking he had beaten up Lesnar and Orton and showed them NO MERCY, which Bryan thought would be a good name for their next pay per view.

    Daniel Bryan gave Heath a contract and Heath tldhim he looked beautiful. Shane McMahon took the contract away and they left before Heath could sign it.

    Dean Ambrose vs Erick Rowan

    Dean Ambrose defeated Erick Rowan by pinfall after hitting him with Dirty Deeds. As Rowan laid in the ring, Bray held his mask while sitting in the rocking chair. Bray put the mask down on the chair and walked out of the arena, making Mauro wonder if that was the end of the Wyatt Family.

    Alexa Bliss and Natayla vs Becky Lynch and Carmella

    During the match, Eva Marie's music started and she came out to the ring. Naomi then came out and chased Eva to and through the ring. Eva left the ring but Naomi was grabbed by Natayla. Becky, went after Natayla and Nattie rolled her up. Becky kicked out and put Nattie in an arm bar and Nattie tapped out.


    Baron Corbin was pressing Kalisto's head up against a wall and told him their conflict wasn't over. After pressing Kalisto to the floor, Corbin told him that he does what he wants, when he wants and to whomever he wants to.

    John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio with AJ Styles at Commentary

    John Cena defeated Alberto Del Rio by pinfall after hitting an AA. He was then attacked by AJ who quickly knocked him out. After yelling at him, Styles picked up Cena to put him in the Styles Clash, but Cena reversed it and hit AJ with an AA. Cena then left the ring and cleared off the announce table. Cena drove Styles head into the steel stairs and then moved the stairs over to the announce table. Picking AJ Styles up, Cena walked up the stairs and put Styles through the announce table with an AA.

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  2. This week's Smackdown was very entertaining. It was easily the better show this week. I enjoyed pretty much everything. I've been a bit burnt out reviewing Raw and haven't even felt like giving the matches Star ratings, but I am was so entertained by Smackdown I am eager to do so.

    I liked:

    The Miz TV opening. It was a bit melodramatic, but it was intense in places.

    American Alpha, the Hype Bros and the Usos vs the Vaudvillains, The Ascension and Breezango *** My main issue with big tag matches is how slow they are. This was actually a fast and fun match. I enjoyed it.

    Naomi's ring entrance was awesome :emoji_slight_smile:

    Heath Slater vs Randy Orton *** Okay, I am sure some people will take exception to me giving this match three stars but it was SOOOO AWESOME that Heath Slater defeated Randy Orton! And they did it in a way that made sense and didn't make Orton look bad in any way. I loved this and really was excited when Heath won.

    Dean Ambrose vs Erick Rowan **1/2 This really wasn't that great but it wasn't bad either. I found it amusing that Bray was upset at Rowan for losing when Bray loses almost every single match he is ever in.

    Alexa Bliss and Natayla vs Becky Lynch and Carmella **1/2 A decent women's tag match. The best part was when Eva Marie came to the ring and got chased around by Naomi. I also liked it when Becky made Nattie tap out

    John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio with AJ Styles at Commentary ** 1/2 The match was pretty average but fast paced and enjoyable. The after match antics were good as well.

    I didn't like:

    Eva Marie skipping out on her match. I really hate that gimmick.

    I was indifferent to:

    Baron Corbin and Kalisto.

    AJ and Del Rio backstage

    Conclusion: Smackdown is easily the better show. It is consistently entertaining. Even when the matches aren't great, they are still entertaining and the show flows quickly and more smoothly than Raw. This is what a go home show should be like.
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  3. Smackdown without a doubt beat RAW again this week. So much good all packed into 2 hours, every match was solid, the segments were great. If Smackdown Keeps this up I legit might start skipping RAW, lol. 9/10

    The Good:

    The opening segment was a great way to kick off the show. Dolph Ziggler these past few weeks has really been looking like a threat and I love it. I can't believe I'm typing this but...he killed Dean on the mic IMO. And to top it all off, he hits Dean with probably the most sly super kick ever.

    The 8-man tag match was decent and very fun to watch. Very fast paced and everyone got their shit in, I'm sports entertained. After watching the Uso's in this match I need a Young Buck/Uso's match. What a superkick party that'll be...

    Dean/Rowan was an alright match pretty quick and served its purpose. Wondering where they're going with Wyatt though. Is he continuing his singles run? Its what it seems. Wonder if they'll turn Rowan face again. Time will tell.

    Naomi's entrance caught me off guard...in a good way. Just wish she'd ditch that full-body gear or at least change up the colors because its hard to look at. Speaking of her, Eva Marie needs to keep this gimmick going. Its fun and gives me something to look forward to every Tuesday night.

    Heath Slater is one of the best things about RAW and Smackdown every week. The man is just too damn funny.

    AJ Styles' promo to end the show was probably his best yet in WWE. He better go over at Summerslam.

    The Bad:

    Randy, the babyface, beating the shit out of Slater like that made no sense...

    Kalisto getting beat up by Corbin in the back. It's awkward.
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  4. I enjoyed this week's Smackdown! I give it an 8.8 out of 10. I just feel that the women's division is lacking. For the past three weeks, Eva Marie has been the focus of EVERY match, and yet, has never been in a match. It feels weird to me, and it's kind of sad.
  5. Well, that's exactly the point of her character, her finding lame and lousy excuses every week in order to avoid competing. Quite frankly, whomever from creative came up with this gimmick is a genious and deserves a big ass bonus, if not a raise; simply brilliant....
  6. Isn't this a rip off of when Fandango was about to debut
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  7. Lol, sounds familiar...I hope she's not the first women's champion for smackdown though...Becky is the best contender for that
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  8. SmackDown defeated RAW this week. That was a good go-home show and it was really easy to watch. 7/10

    - The MizTV w/ Ambrose and Ziggler was a good opening segment. Both guys did one hell of a job on the mic, especially DZ prior to hitting the Superkick on Ambrose.

    - The 12-man tag match seemed fun, too bad it had 130 commercial breaks. I'm putting this in the positives only because of the closing stretch and AA picking up the win.

    - It was nice to see Naomi back.

    - Eva Marie's "delayed debut" continues to be a fun gimmick. I, for one, don't mind her not wrestling. Ever. The gimmick is too good.

    - AJ Styles mocking ADR for not being on the SummerSlam card cracked me up.

    - The video package announcing the return of Curt Hawkins. That was hilarious. CURT HAWKINS HAS COUNTED TO INFINITY... TWICE. CURT HAWKINS DOESN'T FLUSH THE TOILET, HE SCARES THE CRAP OUT OF IT. LMAO!

    - Orton/Slater stuff was enjoyable.

    - That backstage segment with Slater/DB/Shane-O Mac was great on so many levels. Loved it. Poor Heath.

    - Ambrose vs Rowan was decent.

    - Becky & Carmella vs Nattie & Alexa was OK.

    - Cena vs ADR was a solid ME. The post-match stuff was good, though.

    - What a crappy build for Miz/Apollo, man. Crews laid out Miz with a Powerbomb during the freakin' commercial break?! The IC title seems so unimportant right now. Shame.

    - Corbin bullying Kalisto did nothing for me this week. Last week's stuff was better.
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    By my count though, Raw's been 3-0 since the split, but Smackdown has been so close.
    It's weird, because on paper it really feels like they're trying to get the old guard out of the way so they can showcase the new talent on Raw. I respect the hell out of that, but SD's roster is an absolute joke. Although... :becky:
    Especially when they're keeping AJ Styles out of the ring, sure y'all aren't happy with that!
    Yet, in the eyes of most, they keep winning, and I'll agree that they won this week. Helps when you have an hour and a half worth of content in an hour and a half.
    7/10. I'll miss you Eva!