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Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Prince Bálor, Jan 30, 2015.

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    Just finished watching this episode. So... It wasn't too bad, but it wasn't good by any means.
    I guess it was alright for what it was, and gets a generous 4/10 (at best). There was a lot of typical/10 dogshit that I didn't like, but oh well...

    - HHH's promo in the openning segment was good. Damn, I love listening to this guy.

    - Reigns finally winning a match against Show and hopefully ending this crappy feud! The match itself was boring, though. So, the only reason this is a positive is written up above in the first sentence.

    - Daniel Bryan vs Kane in a Casket Match was decent. Hopefully this whole Bryan/Kane saga is finally over!

    - Kane's promos. LOL
    - Kidd vs Jey Uso was meh and just too short. I always cringe when I see The Usos perform a Samoan Drop. Umaga must be rolling over in his grave. That botched shit was so cringe-worthy. But TK won, so there's at least one positive in that whole segment.
    - Rusev/Goody Two-Shoes segment was meh, didn't like it. And here we go... There goes your career, Rusev. Nice knowing ya, man.

    The neutral:
    - Reigns' promo.
    - Should've just been a promo by Rollins instead of a brawl including him and J&J security and Ziggler/Ryback/Rowan. That segment wasn't too bad and it wasn't too good, but please, don't do this at Fast Lane!
    - That backstage segment featuring Miz & Mizdow and that magician was, well... I do not know what to think of it.
    - Wyatt's promo.

    The 'I don't give a toss about this' segment:
    - The Ascension vs Gold & Stardust. Aaand the random shit on the show comes out to play. Why were these heel teams facing each other? Doesn't make sense.
  3. I Enjoyed the opening and the end. HHH talking about Balls, which even in his old age he can still talk about balls like a guy who has handled many pairs in his life time. What I like more though was Roman saying there is no contraversie about the RR he won it fair and square. DB beating Kane and hopefully ending that fued once and for all was good.

    The only thing this show made me worry about was the annoucement that will shake the Universe to its core, god help WWE if they decide to give into fans once more and have DB turn the WM main event into a triple threat. I would rather see a singles, if they want him to win the title again then have Roman Kayfab an injury and get replaced by DB if not just let Roman beat brock and get it over. It's time to rip the bandage off that hairy arm and get the pain of DB not winning the title at Mania over with.
  4. God... not one good bit of wrestling this week =/ what a fucking shame.
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    Back to the good, ol' SD, I guess... Which is a shame, considering the last two episodes were good/watchable pretty much all the way through.
    Well, at least it was nice while it lasted.
  6. "The neutral:
    Reigns" promo
    Wyatt's promo"

    it truly is a sad day for wrestling :sad:
  7. When you do voting, Make that shit public ffs please.
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  8. No, seriously. Reigns and Wyatt's promos could've used more time. They weren't bad at all, but they weren't mind-blowing either.
  9. Will do next time. Sorry, bruh.
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