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  1. Another decent edition of Smackdown this week.

    Del Rio/Sin Cara - was a very entertaining opener. The two have great chemistry in the ring and are both very good wrestlers. Would've rather seen Sin Cara return at MitB setting up a fued with Del Rio but oh well.

    D-Young/Primo - Ughh - I like Prime time playas, they're just so so dull in the ring. I wish there was a way of combining Primo and Epico's in-ring ability with PTP's characters.

    I normally don't mention pretty irrelevant backstage segments, however, I felt that Sheamus' "trainwreck" of a promo needed brought up because it was so bad.

    Christian/Santino vs Ziggler/Rhodes - Was a decent match. All four guys are very good performers, though I wish they would stop teaming Christian with Santino. Still decent enough and Ziggler got the win:emoji_stuck_out_tongue:erfect:

    Raw Recap - can just fuck right off. Anyone who watches Smackdown most likely watched Raw and already seen the segment, so why do they need to replay it AGAIN? Video packages are irritating but at least they're quality and take up less show time. /rant

    Big Show/Khali - Yeah I so watched this.

    Reks/Ryback - I actually thoroughly enjoyed this. He and Hawkins got some much deserved TV time and Reks was made to look strong, managing to get some offence against Ryback.

    Sandow/Gabriel - I'm rapidly getting less and less interested in Sandow. I enjoy his work but he needs a fued.

    Also, I thought it was impossible but Gabriel managed to make himself look like even more of a bender.

    Sheamus/Jericho was a pretty good match. Jericho once again proving how awesome he is in the ring by carrying Sheamus to a decent match.

    I'm beginning to think - is Hunter deliberately putting Sheamus in matches with the best in-ring workers so that he puts on good matches and gets over with the males? It sounds ridiculous but could it be plausible?

    Anyway 5/10 for me. Nothing special but enough to keep me interested.

    Your reviews/ratings?
  2. havent seen it yet :obama:
  3. I actually watched this for the first time in a while yesterday. It was really my first genuine look at the primetime players (besides their Raw fuckery) and Sandow. I like Sandow quite a bit just based on his mannerisms in the ring and the unique way he does all of his moves. I'm afraid to say I don't understand the runaway support Young/AW/Titus have on this forum, as I don't find any of them all that great.

    ADR was the star of the show, which apparently he has been for a while. Him fucking up Sheamus is nice to see, but we all know what comes next, which sucks. The main thing that absolutely killed this show was the 15 minute Raw recap smackdab in the fuckin middle of the show followed by Show/Khali. Talk about a half hour of just losing your fans. Ryback gonna Ryback, I'll care about him once he is past the 'look at me, I win all my matches' stage and is actually in storylines.

    I enjoyed the show for some stretches, and others were pathetic. Still though, better than Raw, and depending on what happens at MITB I might even tune in next week :obama:

  4. 10/10 for ryder :obama:
  5. 3/10. Ryback's match with a proper superstar, prime time players and ADR are the good. The rest is bad.
  6. 5/10 Pretty decent Smackdown. I'm glad that Santino got pinned. And Ryback got a better challenge then normal, and get this, it was only one guy. Sin Cara and ADR were pretty decent. PTP are mah homeboys :dawg: and everything else took 3 points away, except for AJ, she took 3 points away, but seeing Santino got pinned gave me joy to put one more point in.
  7. 6/10. Really nothing wrong with this Smackdown apart from the 15 minute RAW recap and Show and Khali having a match and speaking. It was booked greatly, the segments flew together nicely and everything was set up well. Add to that a good crowd and it couldn't have been a bad show.