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  1. Well, there were 8 minutes of wrestling in the first hour, 4 of which don't count because Velvet Sky was in it.

    Lol fuck that shit. Who. Cares. Second hour couldn't have possibly been more amazing. A MOTYC minus the stupid finish between the two tag teams we want to see, and a fine match at the end with a legit (relevant) shocking moment. Oh, and a Kenny King/Chris Sabin buffer in-between? You just don't get stuff like that every day. Even the first hour was some compelling TV outside of the Knockouts.

    You could call the D-Lo stuff filler if you don't really care, but surely TNA has something planned behind the scenes with this. Best thing TNA has going for it is that if you see dog shit you can expect it to turn into gold.

  2. 8/10
    Cool stuff happened. But lol, Abyss took out the entire Aces and Eights.
  3. 8/10, going to wait to see if Abyss matters next week or if he just squashes random aces and 8s member and they move forward like i never happened. Other than that..Dank Impact and even > Discussion.
  4. 7/10 from me.


    KO match was boring
    Tag match finish
    Abyss = meh
  5. counts the KO match :pity2:
  6. Yep, guess I'm the idiot including things that were on the show in my assessment of its overall quality.

    Thanks Duck Dodgers!
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  7. #YOURWELCOME! :pipebomb:
  8. Just to be a little different, I'll go with 7.75 / 10. Overall a fantastic show though, and the discussion thread was great which just added to the overall enjoyment of the show. First hour was kinda' meh, but things picked up as the show went on and it just kept delivering. Couple of bad points here and there during the last hour, but ultimately it was all kinds of awesome.
  9. KO match was boring, but at least Gail Kim went HAM on Tara. Also the tag finish is lame on the surface, but if you peel back and look deeper it was dope. 1.) they'll have to wrestle again and 2.) It sets up Storm as an enemy for both teams... and we saw BI lay his candy ass out already. win/win
  10. There's just so many ways they can go right now. Maybe they'll join together as Fourtune 2.0 and take on the Aces as anti-heroes. Maybe they'll get a 20-minute dream match booked on Slammi as the Taco Buzzkill Bandits feud with the Aces. Did anyone see the Jokers Wild PPV? Did James Storm team with anyone? Could James Storm find a partner to jump into the tag division? Or will we eventually get a rematch with a decisive finish?

    As long as we don't wind up with another lame ass triple threat that's OK.
  11. Really awesome Impact. Best one in weeks for me. I agree that the tag match finish was perfect, we'll now get a rematch and it'll get even more time hopefully :yay:

    Haven't really seen Abyss before, but he was great as the Park character so I'm hopeful. Testify will know: is that the first time Aces and Eights have lost a tag match since Slammiversery?

    A nice balance of good wrestling with plenty of story progression. Gotta be worth an 8/10
  12. 8/10

    BIG improvement over last few "meh" weeks, I liked almost everything on the show. And holy shit, Sabin/King had an actual promo. In the ring. In the middle of the ring. HYPING the X Division Title match. Hyping. Hell, here's an 8.5/10 for it.
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