OOC Rate the Slammys Award Show

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Harley Quinn, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. You guys know the drill :tough: Start rating
  2. I'd say a 6.5/10.

    The two main events were clusterfucks I'm afraid to say. The tag stuff was good, me vs. Nick was OK, as was Forrest vs. TNH. Nothing stood out however.
  3. 7/10

    Main Event was ehh, meh. I really enjoyed Me Vs Dazzle, thought he took my promos to new limits. The tag was cool, Forrest Vs TNH seemed more of a comedy match. Really enjoyed Dolph's Vs Aids, real main event.
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  4. 6/10, there were some solid ones but I was disappointed with a couple, didn't mind the Aids vs D'Z one though.
  5. You know why it was dissapointing coz there was no gav the chav
  6. Seems clusterfucki
  7. 5/10
    The undercard delivered. The main event was such a clusterfuck it was almost laughable.
  8. 3/10

  9. He's back :yes:
  10. We love Big D in the I-W-T!
  11. I would love for anyone to explain to me how I was sucking Aids off by burying his shitty IWT face character, but cool.
  12. Calm down Ryback
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  13. Not sure if aids vs dolph or
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  14. FTJ as Goldberg
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  15. lmfao
    Welcome to IWT
  16. Interesting though, this finger poke of doom and the emergence of Senhors new promotion. All we needed was Senhors promotion to crown it's fan favorite a championship, Danielson (mankind) and the IWT would have been doomed.