Rate the Wyatt Kidnapping SKillz

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Danielson, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. I'm going 1/10

    Two kidnappings and nothing came out of it. Bryan wasn't even out a week and returned like nothing happened.

    Rate their kidnapping skills
  2. Didn't they state that WWE staff found Bryan stumbling around a parking lot?

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  3. Hahahahahah. I'd have to agree, it's been pointless. It'd be cool if they came back like in pain or something, I don't understand it otherwise.
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  4. lmfao those are amazing. "But you weren't on the ads! I just don't get it!" And Bryan just looks so depressed in the background of the last frame.
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  5. They shoulda played it as they kidnapped Bryan and drugged him, hence finding him in the parking lot. Idk they wouldn't do that due to the PG crap. And the Wyatts kidnapping skills? 2/10 and that's being generous. The first time they kidnapped him they shoulda kept Bryan off of tv for a few weeks bro
  6. I think they need to have the wyatts star on Law and Order: SVU .. Then we're for sure that they are served JUSTICE!
  7. I like the alligator rocking glasses, that should be an animated movie actually Daniel Bryan and Professor gators wild adventures.
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  8. "Life was turned upside down for Professor Gators when he was denied a contract at becoming a WWE Superstar. Now, it is up to WWE Superstar "Daniel Bryan" to help him find his calling in the million dollar organazation somewhere else, Janitor? Writer? Manager? Find out this summer .. ON DISNEY CHANNEL!"
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  9. Why hasn't this been made yet?
  10. They're too busy making hentai with Brodus Clay and Scooby Doo.
  11. They left Bryan....i-in the parking lot?!?! What's next! They're gonna leave him in Wal-Mart too! Those sick bastards!!
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  12. Kidnap and drop ya off in the parking lot, we realized we don't have room for you in the trunk.
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  13. They dropped him off and gave him the map of the wrong parking lot. Is there no end to their evil? :sad:
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  14. lmfao. I think it's going to turn out that they stole Bryan's seman and raped him in the parking lot with Dead Abigals corpse.
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  15. :happy: With Ryback watching!
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  16. Well that goes without saying
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  17. -10/10 Bryan shoulda came back wearing a Hawaiian shirt
  18. Speaking of Ryback, they should do to him what they did to Heidenreich or how you spell his name. Have Ryback kidnap people, act all creepy/rapey. I think that'd get him over bro
  19. He can start with me :gusta:
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  20. Well I'm next in line then. Take a number folks
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