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  1. I'll give it a 4/10. Really disappointing. Slowly starting to lose interest and that's hard as hell for me to say. Angle/Roode was great, that was the majority of the points. Aries/Sabin was pretty good, main event blew. Wolves promo was pretty bomb though. Other than that, my expectations may have been too high.
  2. Shaky 6/10

    Roode and Angle was great, Aries and Sabin was really good, glad to see those angles blown off. The new investor is coming soon so which I expected to be like at Lockdown, thrilled to see them rushing through that. Oh, and there was more in-ring action than Dixie bitching. That's always a plus. And the backstage segment between Ethan and Spud was magical and the rest of them that didn't involve Dixie were really nice as well.

    Storm and Gunner was.... well, a pole match so it sucked. Thought it was a ladder match. Spud getting killed by Joe was kinda lame, and it made absolutely no sense for Dixie to put Spud in that situation. The Bromans are still there, and the main event shenanigans just never stops sucking. Hopefully this "new investor" puts an end to this.

    And DK: There's been a few World Title matches in TNA without interference. They've happened, just good luck finding them. (Sacrifice 2012: Roode vs RVD comes to mind... and all of the times Aries beat Roode during their great feud.)
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  3. Meh, only really watched Angle Vs Roode and Aries Vs Sabin. I refuse to watch Sting Vs Magnus after that so called "match" at BFG.
  4. 7/10
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  5. 7/10 sounds right.

    I really liked Gunner vs Storm, as I find Gunner to be quite entertaining. Aries vs Sabin was fine, gotta love AA. Angle/Roode was great, as expected. The main event was trash though, and I'm quite sick of the typical Magnus main event match where 5,000 people interfere and he just chills and watches.

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  6. Haven't read this yet, but how much do you think Magnus is hurt by this kind of booking? In a nutshell it's really bad, but Magnus is such a star, man. Plus seeing the parallel between him and Randy right now is really showing off just how awesome the Mag Daddy is.
  7. I don't think it is helping him any. I don't understand why he has to be booked like such a pussy. Can't he just cheat to win and be cocky? The whole thing with him needing 10 people helping him to win any match is just off putting.
  8. You have such a way with words, man. Off-putting is perfect, am almost afraid to watch his matches, haha.

    It's hard for me to see Magnus as a guy who NEEDS all that help. He's a good enough talent to be believable despite this, but this is the biggest push of his career and so far it's been pretty wasted. All this as done is put heat on Dixie.
  9. Damn this is strange I'm normally the one with the high review and optimism.
  10. It sucks because he is obviously talented, but even his speaking segments are ruined for me because I just can't buy into him knowing how badly he is being booked in his matches. And like I said about the other matches, I enjoyed Storm vs Gunner, Aries regaining the strap and especially the cage match.. so having Magnus need a small army to take out Sting in a boring 10 minute main event match just sucks because the rest of the card was pretty damn strong.
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  11. Hey @Testify, what is the approximate IQ of this asshole?

    need a gif of Randy saying "Stupid, fucking stupid!"

    Yeah man, the biggest issue with the Magnus promos is that we don't want to watch his matches. We expect the 15 runins and all the other shenanigans so why get hyped for the match? And of course his cocky act doesn't ring true either as you said...

    But lets be honest here. As much as this sucked, it's TNA. We should be used to this shit. For the longest time of 2013 we watched for what few things the guys we love were given while stomaching the Aces and Eights. 2012 was great, but before that there was Immortal, the continued push of guys like Sting in the World Title scene, the MEM, even back to the old Jeff Jarrett as champion days. TNA's always been known for a great undercard and a craptacular main event. Why should we be so pissed about it this time? (Probably because this is the first time they're wasting a great talent like Magnus with it, but still)
  12. 2012 did seem to come out of nowhere.. it seems like TNA's greatness just randomly comes and goes. They don't really know how to sustain it, or even how to get it going in the first place, they just try so much different shit that sometimes it works for a bit before they inevitably fuck it up.
  13. I'll go high 6 to 7 out of 10. Aries vs Sabin was probably the best match of the night. Angle v Roode was pretty nice, a little long but oh well, and then Sting v. Magnus had it's entertaining points with all the interference. The Wolves promo was decent too, I hope they only become better and more defined.
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    No but seriously it was a good show, I enjoyed the promo by the Wolves.
    Angle v Roode was a good match.
    Seeing Samoa Joe against Rockstar Spud was quite the sight haha.
  15. I thought the Wolves was gonna have a match.... :emoji_cry:
  16. Why did you make me read it? Haven't read his bullshit in months, and now you ruin it... GODDAMN

    Only around 1/4 of what he wrote about Cage match I agree with and makes sense. The rest is an absolute neboulous, moaning and so forced. I mean, besides other dumb things he said, he bitches that Roode didn't get PINNED or SUBMITTED by Kurt Angle?!?!? He is probably the only one that thinks that retarded way. The one thing TNA did perfectly in this whole feud is that Bobby Roode was NEVER pinned or submitted by Angle, and they still managed to pull off a satisfying payoff to the feud. The match was way from being 5star match to make myself clear, but a great ending and closure to a great feud, and TNA did an excellent job by protecting Roode, as I believe he is turning babyface very soon to deal with WHC Magnus and Pres Dixie. I applaud TNA for doing this feud, and imho, Roode really benefited from it, and that's what matters.
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  17. Angle put Roode over like a million bucks in the feud. The only illogical thing in the match IMO was the moonsault, but I can't complain too much about it. Kurt thinks its what we want to see so he goes out of his way to deliver.
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  18. DAMMMIT :upset: Sorry, sorry! If you disliked him that much you could have just said "Dammit Snow lel @ me reading this guy's "work" stop sending me dumbshit dickbag"

    As much as I love coherent storytelling, it's still wrestling. There was a classic Angle finisher-kickout earlier in the match that irritated me, since Roode's new finisher was created to injure Angle's injured neck and Kurt just kicked out. That made me scratch my head, but we see dumber things on every show. With the moonsault, 'stupid storytelling' didn't come to mind, "HOLY SHIT KURT YOU'RE A FUCKING MADMAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU'RE LIKE 50 YEARS OLD HOLY SHIT KURT HOW DID YOU DO SUCH A THING WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" did.

    I've seen lots of people complain about the Hall of Fame thing that don't get it, I guess we can blame Tenay and Taz for that. Kurt didn't think he was WORTHY of the Hall ol Fame. Suits the Angle character and PUTS OVER the HoF, not burying it. As for the finish... the finish was 110% perfect. The whole story involved Angle vs a guy who had his number. KURT ANGLE OVERCOMING THE ODDS AGAINST BOBBY ROODE. And he talked about Roode looking bad. LOL. In this case, Kurt barrrrely reaching the floor right before Roode climbs out and winning by the skin of his teeth did WAY more for Kurt then just another generic pinfall victory while protecting Bobby.

    You really thing Bobby's gonna be the next top face? I doubt it, he's one of those guys whose' character is so perfectly heelish that you can't turn him... but I sure as hell won't complain if they go that way
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  19. +1

    Why I think Roode is turning face soon is below:

    My prediction, a feud with EC3.
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  20. They really should show those on Impact. Helluva promo there.