Rate Total Divas 11.08.13

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  1. Sees Jo-Jo :phew:

    Sees Jo-Jo has a boyfriend :upset:

    Sees Jo-Jo break up with boyfriend :win:
  2. Sees this thread :phew:

    Total Divas still exists :upset:

    One episode less till it is finished. Searches Danielson matches on YT :win:
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  3. This would Imply that Total Diva's isn't somewhat entertaining, I personally enjoy seeing D-bry and Cena outside of the ring, honestly wish they'd do this with the male talent also.
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  4. Did you watch it?
  5. Considering the fact I didn't watch it sober, I laughed my ass off at most parts. John Cena being Dr.Phil/10.
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  6. Nope Didnt watch. Not because I hate it. I dont. Is just because I couldnt. They try to sell it like if all is real. WOO THIS IS HOW THE BELLAS ARE LIKE, THEY ARE MEAN, OH POOR NATALYA. And then you are there thinking yeah whatever, just read the lines and say it. You know, if at least was real, I would be like well...thats how they live. But not only the fact is scripted but the fact they sell it like if we are invading they private lifes. Dont know, I just cant watch it without thinking they are just acting

  7. so that means it can't be entertaining? Besides how can you judge whether something is bad or not if you haven't even seen it? [​IMG]
  8. Watched the first episode. Thought it was almost all real LOL
    And it can be entertaining. But not for me.
  9. Btw, great to have you back
  10. Breaking Bad or Total divas :hmm: so hard to choose :haha:.

  11. Like wrestling?
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  12. 8/10.

    I love Brie Bella...A lot.
  13. Nikki is a total bitch. Convincing Brie that Daniel's lifestyle sucks.
  14. I would but I was too busy watching Keeping up with the Kardasians and Dance Moms :\
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    Total Divas is a narrative on the complex wrerstling industy that gives an insightful, gripping tale of the empowerment of women in a male dominant world.

    nah tbh nikkis tits >>> E network
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  16. 10/10
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  17. I'm going to admit to being guilty of blasting Total Divas before watching it and then I watched it...it's really good actually!(aside from the camera zooming in on Cena's boner)

  18. Also I forgot to do this.

    See's Eve Marie:damn:

    See's Eve Marie in a Blizzard Entertainment hat:woo1:

    Finds out she's only wearing it because he fiannce works there:sad: