OOC Rate Uprising

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by TheTNHMaster, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. Yeah, fuck da police. Rate Uprising.
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  2. 6/10 the Jono political bullshit, the Dazzle thing, My burial. 2 Stars for the event, 4 for the main event!
  3. 15/4
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  4. 7/10. Main event was really good, and not just because I was apart of it. IC Number 1 contenders was really good too, and Majour's debut certainly didn't disappoint. Everything else was meh.
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  5. 1/10
    Dat Kid not on the show = shit
  6. No one cares enough for you to book you.
  7. Everyone got tired of draws in matches.
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  8. Who are you?
  9. Has 2 draws in 1 year = draws every match #ClintonLogic
  10. 1/10 for no Dat Kid
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  11. The guy who beat ya little bish DK.
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  12. Someone wants a push :russo:
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  13. THG? Go kiss your gold, Dat Kid should fap to my jizz and crap stains
  14. THG? Vs. DK James is a moty candidate.
    Opener was decent.
    Lack of appearance by the WHC is not good.

    Overall = Blue out of Cereal
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  15. Yeah! my burial was decent!!!
  16. Look sir the closest you come to beating DK is giving him a handjob at his hotel with the rest of the groupies. Now move along before I have you escorted out of the arena. Fucking mark
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  17. :jbl:
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  18. Check the main event out you mark ass nigre.
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  19. Another one for the dat kid bandwagon. All aboard! Choo Choo!
  20. Artist: Come on Alias and Dat Kid, love everyone.