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  1. [​IMG]
    Results (open)

    Kalisto (c) beats Ryback to retain the WWE United States Championship at 8:58

    Total Divas beat B.A.D & Blonde at 11:25

    The Usos beat The Dudley Boyz via Pinfall at 5:18

    Zack Ryder beats Kevin Owens (c), Stardust, Dolph ZIggler, The Miz, Sin Cara and Sami Zayn in a Ladder match for the WWE Intercontinental Champion at 15:23

    Chris Jericho beats AJ Styles via Pinfall at 17:05

    The League of Nations beat The New Day via Pinfall at 10:02

    Steve Austin, Mick Foley and Shawn Michaels return

    Brock Lesnar beats Dean Ambrose in a Street Fight via Pinfall at 12:49

    Charlotte (c) beat Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks via Submission for the WWE Women's Championship at 16:03

    The Undertaker beat Shane McMahon via Pinfall in a Hell in a Cell match at 30:31 *recommended*

    Baron Corbin won the André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at 9:46

    The Rock returns

    The Rock beats Erick Rowan via Pinfall at 0:06

    Roman Reigns beats Triple H (c) via Pinfall for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at 27:14

    Vote above and give your thoughts below.​
  2. I'll post a review later on, but I'd like to acknowledge that WWEForums has reached a new record for most replied Live Discussion in forum history, and I think it might have received most replies in a single day. Thanks to everyone in the Live Discussion for making this Mania that much greater.
  3. 6/10. Only time I wasn't bored was Shane/Taker, the Women's title match(not the result), and what happened after New Day/LoN.

    I regret wasting six hours of my life, chat was alright though.
  4. And just want to mention that Takeover was better an every single aspect.
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  5. I loved it. Vince is so great.

    Vince: Like I'm going to put the title on that scrawny Canadian jabroni lol. :woo:

    Vince: lolTNA

    Marks: Sasha or Becky!!!
    Vince: Nah.

    Vince: That's nice.

    Vince: lol

    Vince: :pity1:
    The Rock and Cena :shovel:the inbred fatties.

    A few downsides though - Henry not winning :( and Taker/Shane was boring. I mean, I didn't expect much from it and it still disappointed me.
    Overall though, pretty entertaining and fucking hilarious. 8/10.
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    6/10 I was pretty disappointed as a whole with this Wrestlemania. I still enjoyed it because it was Wrestlemania and we had an awesome chat in the LD, but as a whole this was just really blah.

    Review (open)

    This was a bad night that was obviously set up to try and make people believe Triple H had a chance to win.,. me not being one who believed this...it was clear, as I stated that Roman would win clean Most of the matches went with the unpredictable outcome and we were treated to one of the most boring and predictable main events ever. We were subjected to Shaq for no reason at all.

    IC title match ***1/2 Not as great as a spot fest as I was hoping for but had some good moments... I was really shocked by the Ryder win but the surprise wasn't enough to rate it higher.

    Jericho vs AJ *** Not as good as I hoped and it was pretty fucking stupid to have Jericho win. Dumb.

    New Day vs LON ** Boring match and couldn't have cared less than i did.

    HBK, Austin and Foley *** I wasn't as gaga over this as everyone else but it was nice to see.

    Lesnar vs Ambrose *** a decent match but a hUGE disappointment. It was slow paced and anticlimactic.

    Charlotte vs Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch ***1/2 a very good match. I was surprised that this was as good as it was. Love the new belt and loved the match. This is the sort of match the women should be allowed to do more often.

    Shane McMahon vs Undertaker **** I didn't think this was the best match but it was a great story telling match. I was actually in suspense the entire time. and Shane's elbowdrop from the top of the cage... wow.

    ATGMBR 1/2 * Utter crap and I love battle royals...the thing with Shaq throwing off most of the guys at once was stupid.

    Rock vs Erick Rowan 0* pointless and idiotic

    HHH vs Roman Reigns *1/2. A boring match with the predictable outcome. Dreadful main event to cap off the night. And I am not rating it low just because of the outcome, I rating it low because it was really boring.
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  7. 7/10

    Slow start was a minus 1 for me.
    Brock vs Ambrose was a minus 1 for me.
    And the last match was a minus one for me.

    The MOTN was Shane vs Taker, clearly.
    The Divas Women's Title Match was surprisingly good, figured Char would retain.
    John Cena returning is fine though I wish it would have been a better segment.
    AJ vs Y2J was decent.
    Didn't mind seeing someone other than KO or Sami winning, so long as it wasn't Miz lol
    Good to see Mick and Stone Cold in the ring again, same for DDP.

    Didn't care for Mark or Kane not winning the Andre match.
    Ambrose vs Brock was a let down, too stable and easy going for a Street Fight.
    The slow start was meh for me.
    And I don't care that Roman won, that last match was just awful and boring.

    New Women's Belt - 7/10
    HHH's Entrance - 10/10
    Stone Cold - 10/10
  8. One last thing, Corbin debuting was nice. Really hope he dethrones Ryder, like tomorrow.

    And hopefully Reigns or Ambrose turn tomorrow, something needs to change if the whole Authority shit stays. We need more than them trying to put Roman through hell, we've seen it all before.
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  9. smh you forgot one of the best parts about the show.

    Show Spoiler
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  10. It was an okay show. Lesnar/Ambrose was pure shit.
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  11. 4/10 because I said so.
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  12. You the man.
  13. I honestly feel like the Rock/Cena/Wyatt Family segment was just so utterly pointless
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  14. 7/10

    Hoped Shane would've won but oh well

    Thought Sasha had it when she came out in the Guerrero gear but I'm cool with the outcome

    I like Reigns, he shouldn't be forced but oh well. Also Steph in that outfit >>>>
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  15. I enjoyed it cause of what it was but if they pulled this stuff on a lesser PPV than I could see giving it a 4/10 lol
  16. Her debut was awful. What, two moves and slaps her arse? No thanks. I don't watch them to jerk it to, I want to see wrestling.
  17. I think the point was to :shovel: the Wyatts. Hopefully once and for all.
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  18. Seems like it, Cena returned to finish the job he started
  19. Having the Rock tear him open with Hotpockets was the killer, Cena brought the shovel. :rock3:
  20. Speaking of jerking it to, @edge4ever , where's our video? :p
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