"Ravishing" Mr.Wonderful

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  1. *He comes out and on the ramp, swivels his hips as Marlena rubs his chest from his back*

    Ladies and Gentlemen please shut your mouths while i un robe!

    *Marlena takes off his robe slowly while Wonderful shakes his hips*

    "Now who am i? i am The Ravishing, Mr. Wonderful! Which luckly lady here tonight is going to get a rude awaking and go on the roller coaster of their lives!? but wait that's for later on!"

    "Why am i here? Because this is the place to get your kicks and my opponent Justin Black *He says with a disgusted face*
    Justin you know, i know, she knows and all these people know that the ravishing one is far to great for your likes!"

    "When that bell rings, March 12th you better do what your momma didn't do when your daddy wanted some! Hide!"

    *Crowd Boo's and Some Laugh*

    Now about who is going to get a roller coaster, *Choses a women who seems to have a husband and 3 kids and proceeds to give her his hotel card and lifts her over and walks to the back*​

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  2. Dude your comedy characters are the shit.
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  3. I feel like Fed X is going nowhere.
  4. Mr Wonderful your next!
  5. Why do you say that?
  6. I just felt like it was moving slow.
  7. It started last month...
  8. Moving slow?
  9. just ignore what I said I didn't know it started last month.