News RAW drops below 3 million viewers

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Nov 24, 2015.

  1. Shout out to brother Fray for the digits.

    That's a 2.16 rating. This promotion is leaking but no one is sealing the leak.
  2. Hope this is the wake-up call that will make WWE get their shit together.
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  3. Dreams...
  4. DX military coup when?

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  5. #VinceScrewedVince 2.16
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  6. Yup, it wouldn't surprise me if that stubborn old man continued to do the same.
  7. Ight WWE time to stop playing shit safe and pull out all the fucking stops
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  8. Taker was just used, you want them to use Sting too!?
  9. Those aren't stops at all, that isn't risky either
  10. It's their way of thinking when it comes to pulling out the big guns. Because legends that drew 15+ years ago just have to draw today. Am I right??
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  11. 2 Million views isn't going to get WWE off of it's ass. Mind you RAW was sinking into the shorter side of 1 million at one-point in the late 90s. And they still took almost an entire year before taking any real abrasive actions.

    And actually they've even been in worse positions. In May of 2013 they were dropping even lower than 2.16 (2.9 to be exact). A continued drop in ratings will likely lead to a blame game, ending on someone that has nothing to do with it at all. Much like how Daniel Bryan was blamed for low PPV numbers in 2013.
  12. IWC: "Nope not at all"
    I'm starting to think i'm just coming to this forum for Pokemon and music now, honestly I think it's time to move on from wrestling since it looks like it all sucks now, I get the feeling wrestling is dying now
  13. Beg to differ. WWE and mainstream wrestling is dying. But there's other promotions and styles that are thriving like never before. To categorize WWE's retardation as the death of wrestling, is a vagues statement.
  14. shut up and strap in because the wild ride isn't over until its over

    watch this shit to make fun of it, because its bad

    express that anger, that rage, through the live chat

    generate banter

    bad + positive attitude = still bad but kinda not as bad
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  15. I don't think it matters to them at this point how the Raw ratings are doing. What they care about is filling seats in the arenas, network subscriptions, and John Cenas merchandise sales.
  16. I don't think so. Filling the seats was only a problem when Mania wasn't selling out (1997) and John Cena's merch sales were only a problem when Punk was beating him (2011-2012) and Network subs were a problem after the flop of the launch (2014). It's more about catering to the investors and pleasing the sponsors, at this point.
  17. But they have to have a market to please investors and sponsors
  18. They own the market, nigla.

    WWE is the only blatantly monopolistic company who uses classic monopolistic tricks to get a monopolistic hold on their industry, but have never been accused of anything. Microsoft was convicted for bundling IE with Windows, but WWE bankrupts and buys every one of their competition. Threatens PPV providers to drop other promotions. Black balls competitors for gaining momentum (not monopolistic, but still a really dick move). And buys up almost all 'independent contractors' and still gets off the hook.
  19. But for investors and sponsors to pour money into the company, they have to have some sort of representation of an audience. Which is the network and live shows. I think they realize that cable television ratings are yesterdays paper, and not their top priority anymore.

    And if I was Vince, I would do the same in terms of a business strategy of being a monopoly. Why would let other companies compete with you when you have the power not too? He's in the business to make money. I've read somewhere that he wanted to be the Walt Disney of wrestling, and in most ways he got there.
  20. Wrestling is in the best position it has been ever right now. WWE is just tanking.
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