Raw LIVE 3/3/2014 - Allstate

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    I am going to be there tonight. Anyone else from here that is physically going to be there?

    Honestly, I can't wait for Chicago crowd to hijack RAW and chant CM Punk all night. They silenced few people before kicking them out on NXT and other places. Let's see them kick over 12,000 people from arena. Not a fanboy of Punk, but tonight definitely will be interesting.

    Plus, I seriously hope they don't shit on all matches. Chicago has always been friendly to Sheild and Wyatts. So that wouldn't cause an issue. So with the Undertaker and Daniel Bryan. However, if ANYONE else comes out specially HHH or Stephanie, people are seriously going to go crazy with Punk chants.
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  2. If its a bad show by all means I hope it is buried. If you fucks are chanting Punk during good matches or segments I hope the building catches fire.
  3. I've been to every single PPV last 3 years. Honestly as far as I can tell, they will chant Punk but not all night. Only against few people. I know people will chant if

    1) Cena comes out
    2) Orton comes out
    3) Batista comes out
    4) HHH comes out
    5) Stephanie comes out

    However, as far as I know hometown crowd, there will be no Punk chants during Wyatt and Shield match, D-Bryan match if he even has one. Undertakes or even Brock Lesnar.
  4. Everyone expects the crowd to be on board with Shield/Wyatts 2, but I'm not so sure. The shitty crowd last week tried to bury Reigns vs Wyatt, so what will stop this butthurt crowd from doing the same.
  5. The fact that Chicago crowd is not full of Cena fanboys and kids who cheer every good guy instead of every good wrestler.
  6. Very few crowds are the type that cheer for every face. You didn't really address what I said though.

    It probably depends on when the match takes place on the card. Eventually the marks will get tired of trying to bury every match and segment. If it opens the show or something I could see it getting shit on.
  7. Honestly I believe the first segment they will try to send Arron dude from whatever movie so he is the one that get shit on. Only people who will not get shit on is D-Bryan and Undertaker.
  8. They kicked all 15,000 people out here in Atlanta when they chanted Chris Benoit.
  9. lol I keep forgetting about that. Hope he is a wrestling fan and understands what is going on, if not he will be scarred for life. That segment should be gold. At least shit like that deserves to be Rick Barry'd
  10. I don't see it or couldn't find it anywhere online.
  11. Because that was a joke.
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  12. Everyone is just gong to shit on him whether he comes out first or not. Just going to be interesting at chants we come up with. Honestly, if Stephanie does come out, I want everyone to start chanting "Slut" like they did back in the days. Will be hilarious.
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  13. [​IMG]
  14. Stephanie is an angel. She doesn't deserve the hate of the little fuck boys.
  15. Angel? I'd hit it. Anyone would hit it. Can't say no to someone like her.
  16. Stephanie's farts out butterflies and her butt hole tastes like honey nut cheerios. I'm serious bro, don't let the crowd do negative chants about her. Its blasphemous.
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  17. No.

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  18. I'd still tap that. Her over Chyna anyday.
  19. Steph is the hottest chick in WWE atm. Probably top 5 all time.
  20. I would let Stephanie shit on my face.