Raw Pre-Show on Monday Night Change

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Dec 19, 2015.

  1. Monday night’s WWE Raw pre-show at 7:30pm EST on the WWE Network will be a Slammys pre-show instead. The show synopsis is as follows:

    “The WWE’s answer to the Oscars gets underway on the Slammys Pre-Show with 4 exclusive awards plus a preview of the awards to come to Raw.”
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  2. Thanks for the info, m8. I wouldn't live a day if I missed a RAW pre-show! :smirk2:
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  3. Stop being so immature before I cancel my account.
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  4. Go for it, bruh.

    Or, we can do some wrestling trivia.
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  5. That is it. I am done!

    no, wrestling trivia is great.
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  6. come on guys relax
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  7. They are joking lol
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  8. oh hahahah ok i'm new here
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  9. Poking fun at some troll who joined and trolled and left. lol
  10. I wonder if Cena and Lesnar are gonna be there
  11. lesnar in his own town yeah baby
  12. Lesner is scheduled 2 weeks before the rumble.
  13. His name is BORK LASER, goddammit!
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  14. Well, too late now! I'm gonna cancel my account! :dawg:
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  15. Swing Car is still here, though.
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  17. Too bad, because I already canceled my account. :happy2:
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  18. @Swing Car

    Yea Swang... DRAKE is part JEW....
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  19. damn right i'm still here
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  20. still counting up the money kicking out the bitches

    btw watch out for the homeboy tom shady he's taking over and ya'll just gonna witness it
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