Raw Rating Actually Announced! For real this time! :yay:

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, Mar 26, 2013.

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  2. Raw Ratings are in.

    I see no rating.
  3. RE: Raw Ratings are in.

    Fixed, for now. :downer:
  4. Raw Audience Announced (Will post rating here after it's announced)

  5. Raw Audience Announced (Will post rating here after it's announced)

    Not shocked considering the show had Rocky.
  6. There ya go.
  7. Still very strong ratings. Damn it.
  8. Sad considering what a poor Raw it was.
  9. Weren't they drawing 3.5's 2 weeks ago? Still pretty poor compared to that. When you consider Rock and Cena were promoted throughout the night, they can't be happy with just a marginal improvement like this...
  10. Yes they were but WWE don't average 3.5's. WWE averaged 3.0-3.2 on their 2 hour format, so to get 3.2+ on a 3 hour show is huge.
  11. Am I the only one that ashley noticed the typo in the threat title?
  12. But Rocky was there.
  13. Yeah, hence my lack of surprise. :sad: But still the show sucked, so it's sad to have that high of ratings for such a poor show. I'm not surprised because Rock draws, but it's still sad that they can put out such a horrendous episode and still get that good of ratings.
  14. Only the opening and ending were good. Everything else sucked.

    Got high rating probably because it's almost WM time and The Rock/Undertaker being there.
  15. Yeah, but I'm the only one noticing your typo in my "threat", so it's even. :sandow:
  16. ashley In ever make typos, everybody ready knows this dude!