Raw TV ratings - highest rating since August

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  1. WWE Raw on Monday, January 7, 2013 scored a 3.14 rating, up 40 percent from the holiday shows to end 2012. It was the highest rating in 19 weeks dating back to August 27.

    The second biggest story was the third hour, which drew an average of 4.65 million viewers and increased 7.5 percent from the second hour. It was the most third-hour viewers since July 30 - the night after Raw 1,000 and official switch to three-hour Raws.

    WWE benefited from strategic placement of C.M. Punk vs. Ryback right at the top of the third hour, which coincided with the BCS Title game hitting halftime. WWE also benefited from the BCS Title game being a blow-out, which kept people on Raw for The Rock's return at the very end of the third hour leading into a 15-minute over-run.

    Hourly Break Down: 4.29 million first hour viewers (most 1H viewers since Oct. 29), 4.32 million second hour viewers vs. meat of BCS Title game, and 4.65 million third hour viewers.


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