Storyline Raynor Rising (Open Challenge)

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    A minute of Charles Raynor's first official entrance video is shown and the video fades into the setting. Charles Raynor is looking down at the camera with his back against the brick wall of the Iowa State Gym in his post-workout attire late at night. Raynor leans off the wall and begins his message.

    Welcome. I'd like to thank you right now for watching this whether you're a fan, not a fan, or a member of the IWT Roster. It doesn't matter who you are because this is the first time you're letting me give you a raw, unadulterated piece of myself, Charles Raynor. IWT Universe you might be sick of hearing the Raynor name by now. You might be sick of hearing that name dangled in front of your face only to disappear and reappear again and again. Well I have some good news for some and bad news for some. The Raynor name isn't going to just be a flash in the pan or bolt of lightning this time around. If you were sick of the name before you're going to be puking up your lungs in the near future.
    That's because tonight is the night I get to work for the long haul.

    But before that begins let me give out some background information. I am the first Wrestler to sign a Collegiate Wrestling contract to compete for their College within a Professional Wrestling promotion. This means I represent Iowa State University, the Big 12, and of course the Cyclone Nation inside the IWT ring. Why is this a big deal? Because I have this entire school, this entire state, on my back. I may not be familiar with the IWT Universe myself and they're vaguely familiar with me but, I have the Cyclone Nation on my side. My goal is to give this University a championship. As this is my last year here at ISU all I need to do to complete my time here is bring home the gold.

    I am a student of the sport and my debut in IWT is the beginning of the Final Exam.

    So tonight Charles Raynor straps in for a new dynasty. I am officially ready for my first match in IWT. Whether that takes place in a Dark Match, Vice, or at Dragon Rising I am accepting anyone that wants to put themselves on the table. If you want to prove yourself just like i'm trying to do, if you want to break a rookie like me in, if you just want to fight I am that guy. Win or Lose for me it doesn't matter because I'm prepared to start the grind unlike the last instance of Raynor you saw in IWT.

    This moment marks when the Raynor name begins to rise inside the world of IWT.

    If you want to try and stop it, the offer is on the table.

    Charles Raynor walks out of the shot and the video fades to black.
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  2. Love the titantron my dude. Shoutout Lil Uzi. TJ Perkins is usually my thing tho but ay.

    Promo was dope too. The fact that you're representing a school is something I've never seen done before. Props.
  3. didn't see TJP in the taken picture bases so i thought it was fair game. Hope its not a big deal. Thanks tho.
  4. Nah man haha you're good with the TJP thing, i'm not using him or anything, i've just been told I look like him many times and it was just a running thing that TJP=DKJ. But not a big deal at all, i like that someone's actually using him. He fits well with you're character.
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  5. you dab, bro?

    also, good shit, trevor. excited for this dude ngl.
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  6. good again
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  7. @Nickelodeon vs. Trevor would be a great match for the PPV. Maybe even a 4-way with the 2 losers from the IC 3-way. Make it for NIck's golden ticket too!!! :dawg: :dawg:
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  8. i'll fight trevor, but you're still a cuck
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  9. Nick vs. Trevor or Nick vs. Trevor vs. TBD vs. TBD for Nick's Golden Ticket? :reigns4:
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