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  1. Beth Phoenix..... Where is she these days?
  3. She's with Edge. Not married but they live together and had a child together.
  4. Too busy being a mom.
  5. You're with Beth and have a child together! :finger:
  6. You're busy being a mom! :finger:
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  7. No, I'm busy being a husband! :cesaro:
  8. :pity:
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  11. Beth is fortunate to be travelling with Edge so she gets a lot of interviews on the Network to keep her name fresh.
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  12. I liked her as a wrestler, she had the look and body of one as well. I wish we had more "divas" like her in wwe. There is not diversity in size or muscle mass anymore. They all look like gym bunnies with a cardio fetish. Nothing wrong with that but when you compare it to the male side, they have all sizes and shapes from fat to tall, to muscular, and even short.
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