Reagan Cole

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  1. Username: @The ReagMaster

    Availability: well I'm only having one more match so....yeah.

    Have you competed here before?: Yes

    Do you agree to the rules?: TBD

    Name: Reagan Cole
    Weight/Height: 220lbs/6"1
    Home Town: Essex,England,Great Britain
    Representation: Matt Hardy

    Style Of Wrestling: Submission Expert\Technical
    Attire:a White Jacket,Black Arm Pads, Black and White shorts and sunglasses
    Gimmick: Reagan has a lot to him.hes is a Fun loving guy but he does get quite serious in the ring so not known to showboat during a match.he lived on the streets before an Former Olympic Gold Medalist took him under his wing and trained him but he always a Baseball Bat by his side just in case Trouble Starts. he doesn't care what people think about him
    Disposition: Face
    Entrance Theme: EPIC ROCK | ''Wire Walker'' by Extreme Music (All Good Things)

    Entrance Actions: *Wire Walker by All Good Things echos through the speakers as Reagan cockily walks out to the Stage and smiles at the Crowd before pointing at the Opponent(or a Reagan Cole sign if I'm first to go to the ring) before walking down the ramp whilst high-fiving fans and Reagan walks around the ring until he gets back to the ramp where Reagan slides into the ring and handshakes the Referee before backing into his corner*

    Finishing Move:the fire of Cole(Mexican Hammer) the Cole Lock (leg Lock)
    Signature Moves: This way or that way(Electric Chair TurnBuckle Smash),The Queens Cross(Flying Head butt)

    Submission Hold:
    Leg Locked Full Nelson
    Freestyle Bow and Arrow
    Cross arm breaker
    Camel Clutch
    Ankle Lock
    Double Underhook with body scissors
    Altamont Clutch
    Romero Stretch

    Europien Uppercut
    Knife Edge Chop
    Missle Dropkick
    Frog Splash
    Diving Neckbreaker

    Russian leg Sweep
    Monkey Flip
    Double Leg Takedown
    Rolling German Suplex
    Body Scissors
    Double underhook overhead Suplex
    Complete Shot
    Turnbuckle School Boy slam
    crossed legged knee drop
    Single foot Jaw-Breaker
    Lion DDT
    Twist Of Fate