real wwe superstars on forum.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nexus, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. c'mon guys WWEF is biggest wwe forum on earth. any wwe superstar ever joined this forum ? if yes can we know names ?
  2. I am William Regal.
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  3. I'm Chris Benoit
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  4. than i am cm punk.
  5. I'm Ron Simmons.
  6. But CM Punk is already on here.
  7. I'm Bray Wyatt.
  8. No you aren't. Liar.
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  9. I'm Sin Cara!
  10. You didn't botch this sentence. You're Hunico.
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  11. The devil made me do it.

    *attacks @Nexus *
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  12. How did you know....... <Insret Sin Cada Meme Emoticon Here>
  13. c'mon guys i am serious
  14. DAMN!
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  15. @Dat Kid is Farooq.
  16. So am I, Daniel Bryan is in a cage next to me right now.
  17. That explains not having a soul
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  18. Yep :smug:
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