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  1. Now I'm not really an indy wrestling kind of fan, although I have been to three indy shows, but I am really starting to take a liking to this promotion that Booker T and Sharmell run. Reality of Wrestling. If you're lucky and live in the Texas area, you can catch it on KUBE 57 at 2 AM early Sunday I believe. If not, you can still check out their TV on their YouTube channel.

    Their Facebook is

    And of course their website.

    Here are the first few ROW episodes aired on TV

  2. Yeah, I heard about this, Been Meaning to check them out, Might tonight.
  3. I've really been liking the Samoan Beast. He's huge, not sure if he's in the family, but is a pretty awesome wrestler. Him and Roman Reigns could have an amazing match and Samoan guys is what WWE's missing. Not sure what Rosey is up to, Rikishi is in the indies, Umaga passed away, Reigns is in WWE and this Samoan Beast could be also.
  4. Rosey's in hospital, having 60-90 pounds of fluid drained from his body.
  5. Damn. Hope we don't lose him also. We already lost Mae Young and Viscera. This guy is the last we need to lose
  6. Looking over the Roster, Some normal guys and then there's a nun, Cedric Pain and....Kelly Kelly.....She's grown a bit though....but her face looks the same.
  7. Stryke? That isn't Kelly Kelly. Cedric Pain's pretty good. He teamed up with The Boogeyman recently against The Pump Patrol in which was a pretty decent match
  8. I know it isn't....It's just giving me another weapon to troll BLFFL with.
  9. Ahh. I need to start doing that again
  10. Thanks for the share. I'm gonna check this out!
  11. Only small indy company I watch.