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    A 2015 McLaren 650s pulls up to the back, shortly followed by 3 black escalades. 15 men get out of the Escalades, all dressed in suits with black shades. One of them opens the door to the McLaren.

    Dat Kid steps out wearing a grey plaid suit with a purple tie and handkerchief. Kid holds his arms out and two other guards dust off Kid with a feather duster. Kid starts to walk and 10 men follow him, while 5 stand guard. Kid walks past the people backstage and he's about to be approached by one of the members of creative, but one of his guards pulls out a nightstick and club the guy's knees out.

    Two other guards proceed to stomp on the poor guy while Dat Kid walks without even looking back. Two wrestlers stand in the by the curtains, waiting to go out but Dat Kid just shoves them to the side, passes them, a guard gives Kid hand sanitizer.

    Kid walks out of the curtains, with his guards close behind, the crowd pops. Kid walks up the stairs, wipes his feet, and walks into the ring. One of Kid's guards hands him a microphone engraved with DK.

    I am the greatest in ring performer in the history of the IWT and that's not even debatable. Whenever I step in this ring, all eyes are on me and when I'm out of it, they're STILL on me. There is no IWT without Dat Kid, and if you think what you've been watching for the past couple months is IWT then you must be inbreed, because ever since I left this has been nothing, but a bunch of lazy motherfuckers trying to fill the shoes of a man who's feet are just too damn big.

    Does that mean I'm going to hold this place and bring it to where it once was? They can't even afford to have me in the ring right now. Am I here to help preserve the future of the IWT? IWT doesn't have a future after me. The moment I walk out of the doors permanently is the moment IWT breathes its last breaths. Am I here become a champion? Why would I do that, my name holds more prestige than any championship the IWT has and ever had to offer. People don't come to IWT to be champion anymore, they come here to BE ME! and the sad fact of it all is, there will never be another me.

    The crowd starts to boo a bit.

    Oh and don't boo, because you're all the bunch of idiots that pay ME to insult YOU. Think about that for a second, you paid money, that you slaved hours for, to have someone talk to you like garbage. The sad fact is that everyone in this arena is going to tune in next week like the autonomous drones you are and I'm going to berate each and every one of you week after week and you're just gonna keep putting money in my pocket cause that's how worthless your lives are.

    You could be spending your money on your children, on your health, saving for a better home, but instead you come here to traveling circus of overly oiled up men with the personalities of disgruntled old war veterans. I think tonight, I am going to take my pay check, cash it in, wipe my ass with it, then I'll send it to each and every one of you who came here tonight.

    Crowd starts getting rowdy

    but don't worry cause at least you can sell it on ebay and let some other retarded motherfucker pay three times the amount it's worth.

    The crowd is deafeningly loud. Dat Kid holds out the mic and a guard grabs it. Kid stands in the middle of the ring, you can see the crowd behind him yelling angrily.
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  2. Honestly, who wouldn't take a check of any amount? No matter if it has ass juice on it or not?
  3. I don't understand this comment as he said he would cash the check THEN wipe his ass with it (i.e. the cash). But I do see that it was edited after your comment though
  4. OOC: Dat Kid trying to compete with me for most entrance themes?

  5. You know what, kid. I have to give credit where credit is do. You not only were apart of the OG's but you revolutionized the I.W.T. You had the best feuds, the best matches, and everyone wanted to make their name off of you.

    I remember kicking back stage with you, trying to come up with cool things. Oh man, remember ftj and brit? What a debacle that was. I followed your every move with victoria, I watched you help the rooks, and I was honored to call you a friend

    With that said, what is going on man? Do you have no humility? I never thought id lose so much respect for a man. Sure, you have money now, but without these people how well off would you be?

    We know, you're talented, but I think its gotten to your head a little bit.

    *enters ring*

    Kid, jesus is wheeping but its because he's seen his favorite son fall far from grace. You're a shell of yourself bud.... Do you even remember how to lace those boots pretty boy? I dunno, people, what do you think? Is his bark worse than his bite? Something tells me this baby is shittin awfully soft now a days.

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  6. Kid looks disgusted at Anonymous as he speaks.

    Look at me and look at you. You want to reminisce about the old days, let's do that... Wood Warrior, cause if we take a look all you were doing is getting your ass handed to you on a nightly basis. You just like everyone else in the back will bitch and complain about the system and how it's all corrupted. Did you ever once think to yourself, maybe you just fucking suck, because you know you do, right? You come back every month or so expecting things to be different, but they're always the same.

    You come here looking for an explanation, why don't you explain to your fans why you'll NEVER be the IWT Champion! Explain why for the past two years you just couldn't get your shit together. Explain to your fans why you can't touch me!

    Dat Kid's security gets in the ring and tackles Anonymous to the ground, face first. Dat Kid gets on the floor, laying side by side as Anonymous' face is pushed into the ground by the guards on top of him.

    DO YOU FEEL THAT DANNY?! It's a familiar feeling right? That's the mat and for the past two years your fat ass has done nothing but get put on it. And no matter how much these people chant and no matter how many return pops you try to get, you just could never get up.

    Kid pops up

    BUT WAIT A SECOND! This isn't reminiscing isnt it?! This is happening now! This is your past, your present, AND YOUR FUTURE.

    Dat Kid steps on Danny's arm. A guard gets his nightstick and starts hammering on Danny's hand. Kid doesn't even look down as each hit is harder than the last. Kid stpes off Danny's arm, the guards get off him, and they all exit the ring, leaving Danny on the canvas.

    Don't matter if you're 1st generation, 2nd generation, 3rd generation, fsw, iwt, cure, or crusade. None of you are Dat Kid, and that is why you fail.
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