Reason Edge inducted so early?

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  1. Over at, Edge is starring in a WWE Studios film called "Bending The Rules"

    It is scheduled for an April 2012 release date.

    It's a bit early for Edge, but they'll be promoting the movie soon

  2. It's good anyway to be honest. Induct him whilst he's still relevant.
  3. Of course, you could always wait forever and have an even bigger tear jerker

    Wait forever, until he passes at the wheel due to a heart attack.

    Hold a grunge Vince... keep out one of the most beloved superstars ever

    I'm sure others have done far worse,. Stay classy, Vince..... Oh Yeeaaahhh!
  4. TBH HOF is kinda becoming defunct anyways Vince puts who and what he likes in there never the actual greats sometimes u piss Vive off u aint in the HOF!

    Think it's PWI who have what I'd call a true HOF

    I'm not taking anything away from anywhere here just think the WWE HOF is as much as WWE is a gimmick!


    Love Edge he does deserve it but i dunno WWE HOF seems biased in this man's eyes!
  5. The HOF has been a joke for a while. I've said it before if you're good with Vince you're in. People like Koko B Ware being in whilst Macho Man still isn't is a complete and utter pisstake. This is the only true HOF imo : http:emoji_confused:/ . Just look at the names.
  6. Thats the HOF I was on about at @[Crayo]

    Oh and being cynical is the Edge film anything to do with WWE studios?
  7. It looks terrible so probably.
  8. LMFAO yes @[seabs]
  9. It is a WWE studios production, according to

    Trekkie nerds think the WWE HOF is ridiculous.

    Even Harry Potter fans think the WWE HOF is a complete joke

    You're preaching to the choir on this one
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  10. It makes sense since Edge is officially retired and can no longer wrestle. Why wait? They didn't wait years to induct Eddie after he died, or more than a year to induct Shawn Michaels after he retired, so why put off Edge's induction.

    It would have been nice to see Edge inducted into the HOF the next time Wrestlemania was in Canada but oh well.
  11. The biggest problem I have with it is The Rock should have been inducted this year imo. It just seemed perfect being in Miami and all.
  12. That's a good point. I was also hoping another possibility was Savage. I know he and Vince had some mysterious bad blood with each other (or at least Vince did with Savage) but it seems Savage and the WWE were getting to be on good terms again. Savage had made a deal with WWE to promote a Mattel toy of himself (or whatever) and they had released a DVD of Savage's career. I figured with Savage's passing, that would guarantee Savage a spot in the HOF this year but guess not.
  13. Nothing related at all.
    Edge was supposed to be inducted at Wmania 30 with Trish Stratus at the Dallas Cowboys 100,000+ stadium.
    But Mania can't go there anymore because of the NFL or something to do with it.
  14. Dallas will be hosting the NCAA final four basketball championships in '13 and '14

    There's nothing wrong with Edge going in.... the fact they are promoting a movie seems a bit dirty... just a bit

    Years from now, nobody will care about the circumstances.

    Savage is being branded a Pete Rose and that's unfair. If you don't know Pete Rose... wiki him