Recommend me a tv show, and Crayo will +10 rep you.

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  1. His thread is full of bs. Pick a show, tell me the base point on it, and if i like it, @Crayo will +10 rep you, and i will even add 5 on top of it. 15 rep for one show should be easy, you say? No, i'm currently watched way too many as is.

    I prefer documentaries (yes they count), comedies that arent aimed at little kids, thrillers (like murder cases etc) and am open to new shows. Do it.
  2. Dexter is amazing, he's a serial killer who kills serial killers. There's always tension and a great antagonist every season. Plus there are boobs.

    Walking Dead. I was a bit late to this party, but it's so good and addiction I've caught up to the whole series in two weeks. Action, suspense, drama, zombies, everything you'd want to see (except boobs)

    Modern Family. Don't know if you'd be into this one, but IMO the funniest overall comedy on TV right now. If you've ever been in a family, or know a family, you can relate to most of what happens in this show. Plus Sofia Vergara is smoking hot!
  3. Watch all 3, modern family to me is the new arrested development. Good family tv, with adult humor all up in it. All three women (the mini mila kunis is over 18 now :ksi: ) are just smoking hot.
  4. You must have missed reading the part where it says describe it for me, so i know what you are talking about. :mad2:
  5. If you're into docs, I really enjoyed Planet Earth. The mini-series from the BBC on animals and life on Earth. Looks really awesome if you get it in HD. My favourite ep was the one that covered ocean life.
  6. Keeping with the Kardashians.
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  7. All comedies.

    How I met your mother.

    Scrubs .

    Two and a half men.

    The big bang theory.

    Modern family
  8. At least I listen Aids :true:
  9. [​IMG]

    During his childhood, Shawn Spencer developed a remarkable talent for noticing the tiniest of details under the guidance of his policeman father. However, upon growing up he found it difficult to get a job, and spends most of his time using his skill to give the police anonymous tips. However, the tips are so good that some cops become suspicious that he is involved with the crimes himself. To clear his name Shawn finally settles on a career: he pretends to be a psychic. No one really believes him, but he continues to be so helpful to the police that they keep calling him in on cases they can't solve. Shawn soon brings his childhood friend Gus into his scheme, and between their bantering they manage to solve every case they're presented with.

    [size=x-small]ps - there is a pineapple in every single episode[/size]

  10. Love how I'm volunteered to rep people.
  11. Elementary.

    Explain it? Think current day Sherlock Holmes with a female Watson, because that's exactly what it is. If you don't know about Sherlock Holmes then that sucks for you.

    ~Three Said That~
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  12. The only one i'll consider is Psych so far, as i've seen the others. Thanks for trying.
  13. Thank you daddy.
  14. This ill check out.
  15. Watson is played by Lucy Liu btw, she's hot.
  16. If you haven't watched Arrested Development than that show. It has similar humor to The Office in terms of style, but it has a lot of weird scenarios. There was this other show, I forget the name, but it was about these people who got kidnapped in to a n abandoned town as an experiment, it's on Ne- oh it's called Person's Unknown. The last show I'll recommend is Jerimiah which is also on Netflix. It's a post apocalyptic survival kind of thing, kind of got sour in season 2, but pretty good none the less.
  17. Ill check the last one out, i already mentioned that Modern Family is the new Arrested Development. Cant wait for the new season/movie coming out later.

    Ill rep everyone when i watch the show, just so people dont bitch/moan.
  18. Didn't know there were still TV shows left you haven't seen, Aids.
  19. Watch the entire series of Who's the Boss? Take a shot every time Tony says, "eh oh, oh eh" or "Angeler" Take two shots every time Angela says "mother". You'll be hammered in under an hour.
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