Recommend me a TV Show

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by CM Punk, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. Preferably on Netflix.

    Current shows I'm watching:

    - [ Br ]eaking [ B ]ad (Caught Up)
    - The Walking Dead (Caught Up)
    - Community (Caught Up)
    - Dexter (About to start Season 4)

    Need to watch:

    - Suits
    - Revolution
    - Sons of Anarchy
    - Arrested Development
    - Game of Thrones

    Suggest me anything else.
  2. Wilfred, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Workaholics
  3. Black Dynamite hands down. That is if you like cartoons about black comedy :true:
  4. Wilfred looks funny. IMDB - 8/10
    Always Sunny in Philadelphia looks alright. IMDB - 8.9/10
    Workaholics comes on TV so I'll just watch an episode and decide. IMDB - 8.3/10
  5. Workaholics, 30 Rock
  6. That's a movie?
  7. if you like Louie CK you should check out Louie
  8. No there's a spin off from the movie on Adult Swim, it's a cartoon series about the movie.
  9. Smallville
  10. I was disappointed with this season tbh
  11. Alright, I just played Louie CK: Chewed Up.

    I'll watch 30 Rock because I think Childish Gambino is a writer.
  12. Curb your Enthusiasm
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  15. Damn that show has been going on for a long time. IMDB - 8.5/10
  16. Homeland if you're into action/drama/thriller and terrorist shit.

    it's not on netflix but you know where to torrent. :haha:
  17. If you haven't seen arrested development then watch that. Supernatural is surprisingly a good show as well
  18. Curb should be at least a 9.0

    what a travesty
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