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  1. Today we smashed our most posts in a day record. Previously it was around 2.6k I think and that was Wrestlemania. Today we have reached a massive 3.8k posts with 82 new threads made.

    Congratulations ladies, gents and Seabs.
  2. Awesome news and not surprising as at the start of MITB there were a load of us in the thread!
  3. You're welcome :never:
  4. I always get a special mention in the OP :yay:
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  5. Today's top poster: Big Hoss Rambler (439 posts)

    :yes: :yes:
  6. And the women can't get a thank you? :[[
  7. He did say Ladies lol.
  8. He already mentioned Seabs, what else do you women want.
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  9. Even when I mention ladies PEOPLE STILL FIND A REASON TO BAG ON ME. :angry:
  10. CRAYO :yuno: MENTION ME?!?! WUT DA FUK IS A GENT?!?!
  11. B=======D

    New post buttons also, not bad.
  12. You notice things like that? That was Solidus. If I wasn't told about it I'd have no idea.
  13. Nice, great job guys!
  14. My eyes are failing me, just got from an exam, sorry. :]]

    Sorry Dad!
  15. Very nice. :obama:
  16. I'm very observant.
  17. We'll break this record at Summerslam.
  18. Hopefully.
  19. start off with 500 posts headcount this time lol.
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