Storyline Recruitment?

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  1. In a dark, secluded room, Nick sets up a camera. He looks into it after it is set up, and stares blankly.

    "Hello, you may be wondering why you've received this package. Think of this as a Christmas, Hahnnakuh, whatever holiday you choose to celebrate, gift. Keep watching, as I'm here to change your life. And if you can't hear me at this moment, on the inside of the box is a letter, personally written to each and everyone of you. If you've received this package, it means you're special. You can help change the world - and probably save it. I need you and you need me. You see, I'm a wanted man. After my incident at the doctor's office, I escaped the captivity of the police, and now I'm here, in this undisclosed location. Now, all will be explained if you so as I ask. Without further ado, let's get on with my messages."

    Nick adjusts himself in his chair and moves his soaked hair to the side

    "First up, my two, hopefully future disciples[ @rko2004 @DX2006 ]. I've called on you two because you're special. I want you, because this backwards, twisted society is viewing as weird, strange, crazy - which you're not. You two have power like none other. You know your whole deal with the pandas and Leo Wang? That's not real. It's just this cruel world, attempting to make you look in what is their view of "insane". They've turned you into what you are and I plan to save you. They've been putting messages in your head for years and nobody has ever known! Weeeelllll, until now..."

    Nick chuckles and looks into the camera.

    "Now I've found out about their secrets. I've discovered their frauds. Dexx, Mike, I want you to help me create a new world, where you won't be viewed as anything but normal. I'm trying to save you before you get thrown into an asylum or tested - so you don't have to feel my pain. I'm trying to save you two, all I need you to do, is TRUST. ME."

    Nick backs up from the camera and laughs hysterically.

    "Ah, yes," he says as he shuffles through a stack of papers. "Ms. Parker [ @geekgoddess ]. Let me guess, an assistant has walked junto your room and said, 'Watch', turned this on whatever TV or computer t may be, and left you to dry. That just happened, didn't it? I left very specific instructions. You see, I'm quite fond of you because I can relate to you. You've been thrown in an institution just like I have. Nobody cares about you anymore. You're a laughing stock, they think you're crazy, but really, you're the normal one, and they're the crazy ones. Victoria, I'm here to save you. I want you to be one of the leaders in my revolution. No, not my revolution, OUR revolution. You're just what I need. You're ruthless, aggressive, and you've felt the pain of being neglected, ignored, and cast aside by the rest of the world. Victoria, you're in there because they fear you. They fear your intelligence, your talents - because you're better than them. It's a shame. They take the good ones like yourself and lock them up, only because they fear being inferior. Victoria, I want to set you free from your imprisonment before it's too late."

    Nick chuckles and says, "You remind me much of my self. You think it'll get better in there but it's only going to get worse. Once you're in there there's no coming out. The only way out is through action. Victoria, I've lead a revolt in there. I'm going to go in there and save you if you cooperate. I've left specific instructions in your letter, and I'm hoping you'll follow them. I need you, and you need me. You will never have to be ignored ever again Victoria. With me and my disciples at my side, you will be on top of the world. We will make an impact on this dreadful society immediately by ruling the IWT - and I want you at the top. All you've got to do-" Nick goes closer to the camera and whispers "trust me."

    Nick begins to laugh again and snaps back up, a serious expression on his face.

    "Marcus Anthony...[ @TheArabHammer ] Yes, I've been very intrigued by you. You're vicious, you're a menace - well, a menace in this backwards society. In the world I dream of, you're the kind of guy that is adored by all. You'll have the glory and the power that you deserve. Marcus, you're a true fighter, a true competitor, but you're being held back. Britanica is holding you down, because she is nothing more than dead weight."

    Nick chuckles and adjusts his shirt.

    "She will only use you, whereas I will save you. Marcus, you need me. She wants you because she's just playing with you. She's gonna play her little game and leave you. You deserve better. I don't want you to be betrayed, I want you to be glorified! With me, you will be all that and more. I'm a man who saves lives, and Marcus, I plan to save yours before disaster strikes. Britanica doesn't care about you she ony cares about playing games and furthering herself. She's going to brainwash you and feed you with LIEEEEESSS. I will save you - I will tell you the truth. You didn't know it until now, but you desperately need me. Marcus, join me. Because with me, you will NEVER have to suffer. You will never, be, IGNORED."

    "That is all for now. There will be an address for you to respond to in my letters. I've realized I can't change the world alone. I need you four because I see something in you. I see potential, but I also see suffering in your futures. Under my wing, you will never have to suffer again. Nobody will suffer but those who've made us suffer! Dexx, Mike, Victoria, Marcus... once you're in asylums there's no escape. They'll hurt you, they'll break you down - why? Because they fear you. The five of us will change the world for the better and begin with the IWT. I'm expecting either a video response or a letter to the address I've written down. Now trust me, you will never be ignored."

    Nick leans forward and turns the camera off.
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