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  1. *He Comes out wearing an Aids Johnson shirt under his vest and wearing his cap and full length blue jeans*

    "Shut that off! After my little encounter with Marcus Anthony and Trip and their little order crap! I thought to myself....That maybe when i get in this ring and teach those Order S.O.B's a lesson! I don't care if your some rich sum bitch or your poor! I'm calling anyone who's looking to kick ass get in and out with protection somebody i trust and you trust me! You join me and we'll stomp one clear into The Order, The Dazzling Chav's and any other sum bitch!

    *Crowd Boo's*

    Shaddup! If anyone really cared about your feelings you would be sittin on your fat asses wondering why someone listens! Come join me, The Stone Cold Loose Cannon and come and pop 1...2...3....4....5....6...7...8....9..10 vodka's with me, smoke a cigar...cigarette...hooka....and any other damn thing and get ready to join the Kliq!

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    The name is UN-official and is subject to change, please if you want to join do it as a promo and post an OOC on the bottom of your name suggestion

  2. Aids Johnson wants to thank you for your purchases, I used the money to buy drugs and alcohol.
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