Storyline Redemption

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  1. The scene begins with Nick sitting in a dimly lit room, staring blankly into the ground.

    "I let it slip. I easily could've beaten Ryan Davis, but I made a mistake. I became obsessed with this idea of respect, and I wanted to humiliate him. I wanted to beat his posse, steal his girl, as if that would make him respect me. But with all this time I've had to reflect, I've realized something that I should've been thinking the whole time. Respect doesn't mean shit."

    He looks up and shakes his head.

    "I made a living off disrespecting people. Up until that sad display from myself, I didn't give a damn about respect, but Ryan just rubbed me the wrong way and sent me into a frenzy... now I've regained the sight I've lost. This isn't about respect, and shouldn't have EVER been about it, because he'll never respect me and I'll never respect him. Now, this is about redemption.. I'm not gonna try smacking around his buddy or seducing his bang average girl. I'm just gonna do what I know best, and that's steal the show with an emphatic victory. No more messing around. I will reinvent myself. Ryan will see a version of Nick that no person has ever seen. He's gonna see a Nick that is more ruthless than before, more calculated, and flat out better than him. I will do what I should've done at Survival, and that is defeat Ryan Davis and move on to the bigger and better things that I deserve. I will redeem myself."