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    Aids Johnson walks out to a mixed pop from the crowd, mic in hand. He rubs the place where his belt used to sit before running and sliding into the ring - mic in hand. Aids stops for seconds as the crowd chants once again "You're retired" before holding the microphone up.

    You fools need to understand i'm the man like Jay-z. I come back when I want, I do what I want, and when new talent challenges the demi-god that is Aids Johnson, I answer their prayers when I want to also. This isn't about my last IC loss, or the fact I am bored sitting on my throne up in the HoF IWT heaven, it's about principal.

    Evander wants me to make him famous? He put up one hell of a fight in our title scramble with the likes of Roadie the Roadster, Forte, Nicky, and....was that it? I didnt win but I sure didn't eat the pin, and so when the man who impressed the masses says he wants a rocket shot to the top via Aidsey? Here I am.

    Enough about him and more about me. WELCOME TO THE HOUSE THAT AIDS BUILT! *Crowd mostly filled with boo's* and every time I walk my "broken" or "Old" ass out here, I make more than you pathetic miscreants make in a lifetime. I got bill's like Clinton, while you all cash your mcPaychecks and scream like your voice matters - just like Evander will do after I send him home looking at the ceiling.

    I'm going to retire on top, and after I beat Evander, the next time you see me will be at Summerslam showing Roadie what makes me the true biggest draw of all time. Enjoy those other matches, but know I've got something big in store.

    *Aids drops the mic to mock the others from the IC match who did the same, before making his way out the ring to his music once again*
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