Kayfabe Regards From The Blade

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  1. As Precision returns from a commercial break, The Blade's theme echoes through the sold out arena to much fanfare. He bursts out from backstage with ever so much eagerness as he has done before. Blade is showing his usual positive attitude, high-fiving fans on his way down to the ring. However, he still remains focused on his opponent for the evening, Harrison Payne. Even more so, he is still focused on The Monarchy, having knocked off Ryan Blake the week prior. Blade slides under the bottom rope and does his patented hero pose in the middle of the ring to further the positive reaction.

    "Tonight The Blade will continue his journey against the evils of WWEF. Last week he stood toe-to-toe with Ryan Blake and managed to vanquish him right out of in-ring competition. That was only the beginning. To much of The Blade's disappointment, though, instead of facing Andersen Vega for his Iron Man Championship, The Blade must be facing a debuting Harrison Payne. While The Blade has no specific qualms with Mr. Payne at the time being. There is history there. And he has a reputation for dancing on the borderline of good and evil for most of his career, so The Blade isn't sure what to make of his opponent for the night. Make no mistake about it. If The Blade manages to capture the Iron Man Championship tonight, that means he will be one step closer to meeting Buster Gates again, and proving once again what it is that he fights for. Honor, pride, and respect. And he will demonstrate it tonight."

    The Blade slams his microphone on the ground with much force, causing an unpleasant feedback noise to echo throughout the arena. He turns toward the entrance ramp, awaiting his opponent to make his entrance for tonight's championship contest.

    -End Segment-
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    Probably my worst Blade promo to date, I just haven't really been in the right mind frame for Blade this week.
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