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  1. I feel it is in the best interest of the forum to send deth & Lady Deathbane into rehab.

    What rehab?

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    F.A. (Faps Anonymous) :fap:
  2. Shuuuushhh, I'm watching Ambrose vs. Punk! :upset:

    I'll go back to fapping in a bit.
  3. :yes:

    You have a real problem deth and I think it is time we all sat down and talked about this. It is getting out of hand!
  4. I have a tummy ache and you keep making me laugh! :lol1:
    It hurts! :upset:
  5. /me tapes a video and sends it into the rehab center to explain the problem

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    Song plays in the background. It all started so fast...I-I just don't know what happened. At first it was fine, she would look up nude pictures and fap, but that's what all humans do. It was until I caught her fapping to her cat that I started to suspect something. A week later and she wouldn't even call me, I came home and she came too. I talked to her about it, she said it was okay she could control herself. As soon as I left, I looked underneath the door and she went right back to fapping. Now she faps to @[Danielson] Deth and even Punk. I don't want this to keep going on, she's hurting her sperm count and her friends and family. It was fine fapping every once in a while, but she's ODing on it. The trashes are always filled with tissue, the toilet is backing up, the shower is stained, and we can't take it anymore. Lady this is for your own good, it hurts us to have to do this to you, but just so you know we love you, and we will always be there for you, but for now you need to get better.

    Love, Farooq, Pinkie, and friends.

    P.S. We will have a party after your rehab, it'll be like the good ole days...
  6. HAHAHA! OMGOSH! Fapping to her cat! :dawg:
  7. :yes:

    They must seek help before its tooo late! :cry:
  8. [​IMG]
  9. *Sees video, shifts uncomfortably

    It's just... it's so hard! *sniffles* To stop, I mean... One moment, you're fapping to Phil Brooks and the next, you're fapping to a fucking feline! I don't know exactly where it went wrong. I do remember running out of pictures of Brooks to fap to one day and had to resort to Cena... I felt horrible afterward but I just couldn't seem to stop. It became an addiction. I'm-I'm sorry... I failed you! *falls to knees sobbing*
  10. /me hugs you and sobs with you

    I-it's not your fault :sad: this world is an evil place. We'll help you get through it, no matter how long it takes we'll help you get better. You just have to stay strong and hold your head up. In no time we'll be back together and everything will be normal :((
  11. Johnny Cash. Fuck. Yes.

    That is all.
  12. :gtfo: in my time of need. :((
  13. Fapping to Cena? :shock: I didn't know anyone could cu....:urm: come to that.
  14. There's nothing wrong with a little :fap: to :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk: