Rehabilitation promo #1 (43 days)

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  1. The camera pans around the arena as the titantron comes back from the St John's rehabilitation clinic's commercial, showing the vendors being replaced down the stairs by men and women in formal clothing handing out pamphlets as the fans begin to boo loudly.

    The announcer does her job, stating "Ladies and Gentlemen, Aids Johnson!" as the crowd continues to boo, louder and louder as the vendors move further down the stairs. The head of the Parish and clinic, Dr Ezekiel James, comes out followed by more parish members - handing out pamphlets as they continue. He makes his way down to the ring, but waits outside the ring.

    Aids Johnson comes out to a loud boo from the crowd, melancholy in his demeanor as he makes his way immediately towards the ring. He is stopped before sliding in for a comment that isn't picked up by the boom operators. He nods and slides into the ring, after an undertaker-esque entrance, Aids finally finds a microphone, quickly holding it up and quieting the crowd.

    What a fall from grace, all the money in the world, and not even my attorneys can save me from this garbage and flawed nonsense I am subject to. If there is one positive thing in my life, it's these few moments I am allowed to come out like a prisoner on his 23rd hour of solitary, here is my moment in the real world.

    I accepted my situation, and looking into this years slammy awards it is obvious I'm going to win the award no one else wants - the fall from grace award. And yet I stand proud, waiting for my time in the sunlight one more time. This garbage will pass, and when I come back EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU WILL PAY FOR MY SINS! I sit here tireless, visited by no one, sent mail from no one. What happened to my friendships? Brothers, Champions, hall of famer's, and even my Chav friends have abandoned me to this world of purgatory. This religion shit causes more suicides than Dat Kid promo's.

    But I still have IWT network. Joey Bryant, A double himself already declaring a match for the title at the RR like it's set in stone....and that's what is wrong with this generation. I swear champions defend every 30 days, or is the fall from grace winner going to be IWT? Talking about January when the X-division belt is a bigger achievement than mr MIA Joey Bryant himself.

    I'm here, and I know i'm not the only option. I might be in Jesus' handcuffs, but I'd be more than happy to bury Mr Buffalo like it's November all over again. Hell, at this point staff can't find a man willing to taste my shovel, promise after promise revoked time and time again. Step up, my attorney and that priest coward are waiting to cash in, and i'm ready to build stairs out of broken bodies and fallen soldiers.

    *Aids drops the microphone, immediately heading towards the backstage while ignoring those around him as the Christian theme hits again and the crowd begin to boo*
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  2. People still have the IWT Network? I thought the subscriber count dropped even farther than the WWE's.
  3. Dying at the theme song.

    Liked what you did here, nice change.
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