Reinvent the US Championship.

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  1. Right, Santino is currently champion but he's in no feud for the belt and hasn't defended it in ages, what would you do to reinvent this division? Who would you bring up into the division, who would you perhaps bring down?

    Please be as detailed as possible. Story-lines, how often it's defended, will it be defended at PPV's, how many RAW's will it be defended on if ever, the superstar who holds it, the superstar who takes it, etc etc.

    Let's do this. Let's show creative how it's done.
  2. Starting off as Santino as champion. I'd involve him around matches just until before Summerslam to reinvent the United States championship matches. So, basically I'd have him defeat a few superstars and continue his segments as he has been doing. So, getting into this it'd go along the lines of this:

    I'd have him be put in the Money In The Bank match and have say Micheal Cole hint out that he hasn't defended the championship and make a joke out of him and say how can this guy be champion for so long while Booker T and Jerry try and back Santino up and hint out the length of his title rain. With this hints it'll actually make people aware of it and have Santino close to winning the Money In The Bank match but have Wade Barrett win, obviously.

    The next RAW after the Money In The Bank paperview have a segment Wade Barrett's music hits and he talks about how he won the Money In The Bank and talks about he might go for the WWE Championship, but then again hints how he might go for the World Championship and claims that he can win any title but it's his decision on what title he will go for and that he'll wait for the right time.

    Santino's music hits and talks about how he has been champion and still is a champion and talks about how Wade Barrett's never won a belt in his career. Santino goes onto how he was close to winning the Money In The Bank. This will lead onto a matchup on RAW as a Money In The Bank rematch. Wade Barrett would win clean and he get's the Money In The Bank briefcase and lift's it high above Santino's head while his music hits as his hand is raised in victory.

    On the following SmackDown I'd have Drew Mcintyre cut a segment back stage with John Laurinaitis and say to him that he deserves better than this and that he should receive special benefits due to him being on the winning team on WrestleMania 28 and have him say that he should have a chance to prove that he does have what it takes. John Laurinaitis agrees and says that he was a great benefit on his team therefore granting him a match on RAW.

    On the RAW Wade Barrett cuts a segment and thanks John Laurinaitis for giving him the opportunity to participate in the Money In The Bank Match. John Laurinaitis talks about how Wade Barrett is a great wrestler and how he out defeated several different wrestlers. Then goes onto saying that Santino deserves to be put in a match against his legal consular David Otunga for rudely interrupting the Money In The Bank winner.

    In this match Drew Mcintyre is on commentary and talks about how he doesn't get any chances, yet an 'idiot' like Santino has been champion for a very long time and has been getting chances after chances. Micheal Cole backs up Drew and goes onto saying his past accomplishments. In this match Otunga is pretty much dominating and Drew makes a mockery out of Santino and says look how he's getting destroyed, etc. Santino ends up getting the victory and Drew Mcintyre goes on into the ring and destroys Santino. He then cuts a segment saying that he should be getting what he deserves and he goes onto saying that he's waited long enough and wants something to be done about it.

    Next SmackDown have Drew walk into John's office and say 'YOU SEE WHAT I DID?' and have Johnny interrupt him, like 'woah, woah, woah.' 'I see what you did and I liked it. You will be facing Santino next week on RAW and if defeat him, you will get a United States Championship match.'

    On this Monday Night Raw have Drew Mcintyre rip off the turnbuckle and the referee goes to fix it. Once he goes to fix it have Santino get low blowed by Drew Mcintyre which leads to him doing his finisher. This means that Drew wins the match and have Micheal Cole stand up and clap him on his victory while Jerry's says 'Sit down you idiot.'

    Next SmackDown have him cut a promo where he talks about how he defeated Santino by any means necessary and he had to get the job done. Have Santino come out and they start brawling. Otunga comes out and says that he's been informed by John that these two cannot be brawling and that they'll be in a match. He also announces that he'll have a championship match at SummerSlam. Santino takes on Otunga and Drew takes on R Truth. Drew destroys R Truth and get's disqualified due to him repeatedly attacking him barbarically. Santino takes on Otunga and half way through the match Drew distracts Santino, while Santino connects his cobra on Drew to only turn around to Otunga. Otunga does his finisher and get's the job done. Otunga wins and says that Santino's all his to Drew. Drew does a vicious assault on him and lifts the championship high above his head.

    Next week on RAW have a reply of what happened on the past SmackDown and have them on a tagteam match with R Truth and Santino vs Drew and Otunga. The match start's to pace up and near the end have Drew walk out because Santino tried to cobra him (Drew wasn't the legal man) but instead cobra's Otunga and get's the win. He gets on the mic and talks about how Drew's a coward.


    Otunga and R Truth are on commentary and talk about how valuable the championship is, etc. Drew picks up the win cleanly and defeats Santino. He celebrates and is also greeted by Otunga. Otunga shakes his hand and they both walk off the stage.

    Next RAW:
    Drew becomes champion and Drew talks about how he only needed one more chance and that he'll be a defending champion and that he isn't scared of anyone. However, like him they'll have to earn everything and a earn a championship match.

    -Santino works his way up in by defeating 2 superstars of Drew's choice. Drew starts attacking Santino after the match. (R Truth comes running out to help him and starts attacking Drew, then out comes Otunga and he attacks R Truth. Johnny comes out and says 'ENOUGH, this will be settled at Night Of Champions in a Fatal Four Way for he United States Championship.'
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  3. Awesome post, I love the concept. Even though I am an Otunga mark I wouldn't have him be there as it doesn't really raise the prestige. All that time/matches/promos = raising the bar, but if you don't have the star power it will only fail. I would say bring down ADR and make it relevant but to be honest he will never be put in the midcard, so I'd probably bring up Alex Riley to add some serious mic skill power to the mix. Of course, Riley would be heel. I'd then replace R-Truth with Rey Mysterio - sure it doesn't match but it's a big name which makes the championship spoken about. Eventually I'd have Rey winning at Summerslam.

    Everything else was superb though.
  4. That's a good idea, actually. Having Alex Riley to the mix with the mic would be awesome to that division. I wouldn't really mind seeing ADR and Rey in the United States division, however I'd rather them be a tag-team and them two being the one's who'd help make the tag-team division somewhat relevant, again, even if it's a little bit. However, I like the way you think, good alternative.
  5. I suggested ADR and Rey teaming ages back but I don't see WWE doing it. Silly really since ADR can't get over as a heel and a slow face turn would be epic, with Rey being the guy to use to manoeuvre that. Not only would it help turn ADR entertaining, it'd reinvent the tag-team division.
  6. Yes, exactly what I'm getting at. Rey should help turn ADR into a face which leads them onto tagging and becoming champions, in other words reinventing the tag division. I don't mind them being in the US division it's just that I'd also like to see something be done with the tag division.

    What do you think of adding the following superstars to the current division:

    Drew, Yoshi, Michael McGillicutty, Alex Riley, Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, R Truth and Tyson Kidd.
  7. Yes:

    -Heel Drew
    -Heel or Face Riley
    -Heel R Truth
    -Face Tyson Kidd

    Mixed with:

    -Face Santino
    -Face or Heel Sheamus
    -Face or Heel ADR (if he can't be in tag-team div)
    -Heel Kane
    -Sin Cara
    -Rey Mysterio

    The bottom half would simply reinvent the division because of the names.
  8. The bottom list is a pretty solid list, it would really help out. I would say have Sheamus as a heel and turn ADR into a face, basically switch them around.
  9. Give ADR a gimmick similar to Eddie had and I'm sure he'd get super over as a face. He has that cheeky smile.
  10. Give ADR a gimmick similar to Eddie had and I'm sure he'd get super over as a face. He has that cheeky smile.
  11. I'd have Santino hold it and continue his reign for now. Yes, it's crap, but it's just temporary. While that happens, I'd try to build up Lord Tensai by having his matches more quick paced and make him beat stars higher on the card (Kofi, Truth, Ryder, maybe even Khali, for Tensai to chokebomb him and make him look strong).

    If he gets over, start a feud with him against Santino: after Santino beats, lets say, Jack Swagger, Tensai attacks him with that claw thing he does after matches. Then, have Tensai win a one on two handicap match against... hum... Tatsu and Ryan, The Usos, IDK. Santino is wrestling Otunga, when Tensai interferes throwing salt on his face and David wins. Johnny comes out and makes Tensai the #1 contender for the US Championship for... Over the Limit, if it goes on this pace. The Raw before the PPV, Tensai and Swagger vs Santino and Kofi. Santino pins Swagger, Tensai attacks Santino and Kofi, chokebombs both, attacks Jack for getting pinned and does the claw thing on Marella again.

    PPV: Tensai dominates the match for the most part and Santino makes his sequence at the end (punches, hip toss, headbutt) and goes for the Cobra. Either LT no sells it or sells but kicks out at two, either one is the same thing. Bicycle kick, Baldo Bomb, Santino can't continue. Tensai wins the United States Championship.

    The Raw after the PPV (last one after house show on Brazil, btw) Lord Tensai grabs the mic for the first time. He rants about how the US fans treated him like crap and got him nothing, then he went to Japan and became huge there, how the japanese fans are more supportive, things like that. He then throws the US belt away and reveals a custom made Japanese Championship. The next week, he beats someone and is attacking them post match (Santino's rematch?) until Brodus Clay saves the face. This starts a feud between Tensai and Brodus for the title that goes on until Money in the Bank.

  12. That's quite an awesome storyline to be honest. Tensai needs to be used properly and he's a good monster worker, but I don't think he should belong in the main-event. Santino going up against a monster will just get him even more over than he already is. Tensai will get more heat naturally as he's feuding with Santino who is getting so many cheers atm.

    Brodus vs Tensai for the US championship would be epic.
  13. Brodus vs Tensai would be a great feud for the United States Championship, would definitely give more recognition to that division thus making it more relevant.
  14. Thanks guys, nice to see you liked the idea. Would probably help everyone involved.
  15. Great, great stuff, you guys are brilliant.

    I'd add some stipulations to just give some meaning to the belt. For example...
    -Holding the belt guarantees you either a match or a promo segment on Raw every week.
    -While holding the belt, you can't compete for any other titles.
    -The person holding the belt makes 1.5 times as much money per match. (Kayfabe reason for the superstars to care)
    -The belt must be defended at each PPV, and if you defend it at 6 straight PPV's, then you get a WWE/WHC shot at the PPV of your choice in the next year.
  16. I like it. Makes the belt mean something and give a kayfabe reason for superstars to go after the title other than recognition and things like that. WWE should do this.
  17. Very good stipulations. I like the fact that you've added a Kayfabe, that would actually make the title more respectable as people would want to go for it as there's 'money' there (kayfabe wise.)
  18. I enjoyed both your stories, although I disagree with Drew winning the title, it was a good story nonetheless. I'll avoid a Brodus/Tensai story since that's already been covered. Would be awesome though.

    A fatal 4-way is held on the Raw after ER between Ziggler, Santino, Brodus and Swagger. It turns into a 2 on 2 basically, then after Brodus and Santino face off. Brodus knocks down Santino, he's about to bounce off the ropes to hit his finisher but Ziggler and Swagger pull it down then get to work on him. They then start to beat down on Santino, then the usual procedure with the pin then falling out etc.

    It then turns into a proper fatal 4 way between them all, at the end Swagger and Brodus are in the ring, Brodus about to beat him but then tensai comes out and destroys Brodus and locks in the claw, leaving him outside the ring - they then go on to have a fued for whatever reason. It breaks into a fight between Ziggler and Santino, Santino goes for Cobra, Ziggler hits Zig-Zag. Wins title.

    The following weeks Ziggler cuts promos on how he's a proper US champion and not a joke like Santino. Then he beats Santino cleanly at Over the Limit.

    The weeks after he cuts a promo in which he ditches Vickie, saying that he's doing fine on his own. He thanks her for her help though so he doesn't get cheers for it.

    The next week Ziggler beats Santino again, after kicking out from a cobra. He then cuts a promo on how he will be unbeatable a US champion, then suddenly Rey Mysterio's music hit, Ziggler faces the tron, Mysterio kicks him from behind the gives him the 619. After this he holds up the title.

    (Mysterio's return will have been used for a fued with Del Rio between ER and OTL, with Rey getting revenge for ADR injuring him.)

    Rey comes out the next week cutting a promo on how he plans to win the title, Ziggler comes out to the ring and starts slagging him.

    Next week as Rey is walking out to the ring for his match with Ziggler, Dolph then runs out and gives him a zig zag on the ramp, showing a more aggresive side.

    At No Way Out Ziggler gets disqualified via Lowblow when Rey jumps for the second half of the 619, he retains the championship.

    The next week Rey requests a rematch, Ziggler then goes onto say he won't give him a rematch because he's Mexican, and shouldn't be allowed to hold the US championship. Johnny agrees.

    Next week Rey moans about not being allowed a rematch, Johnny gives him a chance. In a no DQ handicap vs Henry and Ziggler. Ziggler is in the ring dominating Rey. Then out of nowhere out comes Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez, Ricardo jumps and hits Henry who's on the apron, Henry then chases him backstage Del rio runs in and starts laying into Ziggler, Rey then kicks him into the ropes and beats him via 619. Rey and Del Rio stare at each other, Rey looking confused at what just happened.

    Del Rio the next week explains his actions, saying that he did it for Mexico - cementing his face turn. Johnny then comes out and says that Del Rio will team with Rey tonight to face Ziggler and his partner of choice, who turns out to be Miz . Del Rio wins it for the team forcing Ziggler to tap.

    Week after Johnny announces that at Money in the Bank it will now be a triple threat between Rey, Ziggler and the Miz, since he impressed him in the tag match. Rey then points out that Miz lost in the tag match, whereas the winner of the match ADR isn't added. Johnny then says if ADR can beat The Miz then he will get in - the stipulation, there is no DQ for the Miz, whereas there is DQ for ADR.

    ADR wins against Miz after Miz removes the turnbuckle cover, picks up ADR to throw him off it, ADR slides off, pushes him off it and then forces him to tap via armbar. Ziggler comes out and hits him with the Zig Zag, saying "This is my title".

    Ziggler goes on to win the F4W.

    Ziggler then goes on to have a singles fued with Del Rio, with Del Rio eventually beating him. After that Del Rio can fued with Dean Ambrose who then goes on to win it and fued with Christian at 'Mania.

    What's everyones thoughts on this?:emoji_slight_smile:
  19. Really like the idea Albin. Somehow I think Del Rio would be more enjoyable as a face.
  20. Absolutely love that idea Albin, but I'd no way put Miz AND Ziggler in the division both eventually jobbing. I'd replace Ziggler with Cody and have it play out the exact same but have it as Otunga or someone to play Miz's part.

    Eventually I'd have it as Rey winning, him & ADR become a team and help reinvent that division too (whilst Rey keeps on defending the US Championship etc). Loving the bias Johnny involvement too.