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  1. The past few weeks have been the lowest points in the IWT. Days without any activity and the activity it did receive wasn't anything to help build up the traffic again. Only now that Uprising has begun has the IWT actually garnered any attention. It's quite sad, I know a lot of the people on the site that have a job, school or a family to attend to but I'm sure we can still get the IWT out of this slump, hell at Night of Champions, the voting average for a match was 5-6 votes. The fuck is that?

    Going through the archives is almost like seeing a different fed in itself. No more random open challenges, random title defenses or dark matches it's basically boiled down to having a match at Uprising/PPV and a promo or two to build up to a match, that only 5 people are actually going to vote on. This isn't about who's the GM, who's the champion or anything like that because some people I've spoken to have said they aren't returning to the IWT because of the lack of activity and the fact that basically no one gives a fuck if they're there or not.

    I suggest we rebuild the IWT. We ask friends on the site to join/return. Accept challenges whenever they arise and call out anyone if they aren't in a program in hopes of a making a program out of it, cut promos on other subjects not just a build for a match, try to post constructive criticism on other's promos and help others out with character ideas and promo critique. Which I have to say some guys do that already, thank to THG, DK, Trip and Aids for helping me out with promos. Let's try to regain the activity in the section that's supposed to be one of the hottest sections on the site.

    Also this goes out to the staff as well. Instead of organizing just events and who faces who how about tournaments and other projects like different matches and adding more variety to the section? What about adding more shows than just Uprising and the big 4?

    *These aren't specific, just some ideas and open to other suggestions btw*
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  2. While I can appreciate the sentiment - to my knowledge things are running just like they used to (but with obviously less activity). Delik made the schedule we are still using months ago before I even got the GM title. It was the people who were in IWT that used to drive it with the open challenges, the promos against rivals, etc. I'm not trying to blame anyone, just like you said. All I am saying is that the participants from old were more into it then they are now. There are still some of us, but we are the ones that make up those 5 votes you spoke of. I have been more busy with my job lately as they are trying to make alot of stuff happen all at once in a really stupid way. So it keeps me busy and frustrated all at the same time! Joy. But I have been trying to work on a return just the same. Not easy. And yes, we were not real timely on planning this Uprising and we had 3 weeks or so. If we move them closer they will likely be even less planned out. There's nothing stopping anyone from having dark matches and making challenges though. If someone wants a match, SAY SO. Make an open challenge. Contact IWT staff and see what they can come up with for you. The IWT staff is not here to 'run' IWT i.e. making all the matches, saying 'you fight on this date', etc. We are here to facilitate it. Activity is really up to the 'superstars' IMO. @Stopspot is a great example. He has planned out his title arc for months ahead of time IIRC.
  3. It's more or less just a slump that the feds go through during the fall months. A lot of people are starting school again, people are getting jobs, their interest in wrestling declines, and so on. It doesn't really help that there are multiple feds that people commit to. Personally, I try to contribute whenever I can to the e-fed section. Stop and I are posting a talk show that we've been collaborating on for a couple of weeks, meanwhile trying to plan ahead at the same time. But like I said, it's really just a slump that hits the forum around these few months.
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  4. See I wasn't even aware of the 'Fall Slump'
  5. School really is biggest factor, but the feds also had a small split like they do now. It didn't last long though because FSW was reconnected with IWT after 2-3 weeks.
  6. How is the new FSW doing anyway? Fairing any better than IWT ATM?
  7. The matches average 3-5 votes, so kinda like IWT. There's not really any activity bar the bi-weekly shows. I feel like it's due to low morale support tbh. The people that left/signed up were because they wanted Kid, but he's been busy with school which I understand.
  8. Well, I also give some of that blame to the amount of time we have inbetween events. People lose interest in that huge gap.
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  9. Honestly you need to stop trying to change the world IWT is fun to me as it is not sure why anything should change.
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  10. Likely because you've only been back in the IWT for like 3 weeks. Dealing with a dead crowd for 10 months gets quite frustrating.
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  11. Why stick around if it's too dead for you? I'm assuming you don't enjoy it so it really makes 0 sense.
  12. It was fun until the recent slump, which made the IWT a inactive wasteland. Also, I don't see the problem with me trying to get the site's activity back up.
  13. It isn't a problem but every single week you seem to go on about the site activity being down or being dead or whatever. Just gets annoying after a while. Also it's gone from being a 10 month slump to recent?
  14. The IWT hasn't been itself for a while. The number of members drastically went down over the period of the last 10 months and nothing really memorable happened, the cash in, but only recently has all activity just stopped. Thus why I think we need to do something to help it get back to its feet.

    I'm not the only one that goes off about the activity being down, a lot more people do the same as me. Hell, Danny was the one that made the thread announcing his displeasure in the site's activity being down. Really all I've done is tell people when the subject arises.
  15. As you grow up, we get different priorities, you know what I'm saying?
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  16. I'm pretty sure I addressed that in the OP...
  17. Repeatedly though. There's 3 separate statuses over the past two weeks and a few threads. Like seriously do we need to hear about how it's dead and how we need to boost activity that often? IWT is cool IMO, running more shows will likely burn people out pretty quickly limiting a already thin roster. People don't want to be involved with an efed just accept it.
  18. tl;dr
  19. To each is his own.
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  20. Bringing in newer users who are friends could be something that could shake up IWT in both good and bad ways, the good ways would be having users be active, the bad ways would be fucking other people over in the votings. (even though that will happen to anyone, anyway.).
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