OOC Rematch Clause and Promo Rules

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  1. We have been discussing on how to make the promos easier. Many people have complained that 2 promos within a 24 hour period, is hard to follow. And the rule has rarely been enforced. We decided to change up the rules to make the match start quicker and allow people the room to make better promos, despite the time limit. The first promo is required to be posted within 24 hours of the match. IWT Creative will make judgement if someone does not post a promo in a long while. If this does not work out, we will resort to our former rules.
    Another rule that we are revising is the Rematch Clause. Traditionally, it was just a guarantee that champions who lose their titles will be able to compete, once again, for the title. However, lately, it's been taken advantage of and people are using their rematch clause as Money in the Bank contracts. So now, if you are a champion, who loses their title. You will automatically be booked for the following event in a rematch. The same rules apply, as if you leave, retire, quit or decline a rematch, you will lose your rematch.

    These rules will take into effect, after THG? uses his rematch clause and the VICE matches are finished.
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  2. @THG?: Alias Antonio
    @Shadow: Jack Forté
    @Gav in da BPL!: Gav the Chav
    @Nickelodeon: Nick
    @The ReagMaster: Reagan Cole
    @Jacob Fox: Schizo
    @King B: Dylan Grey
    @impactking: Chris Young/Lilith Young/Ashley Young
    @CBK_15: Jack Lux
    @Ring Rust: Perceval "Rusty" Donohue
    @Drag: James Dragon
    @Ryan Davis: Ryan Davis
    @rydogg: Braeden Cross
    @Dojo: Scott Fargo
    @Ovaldinho: Luis Ovaldhino/Lord Lee
    @Indy: Danny Jacobs
    @AfricanScatMahn: The Scat
    @B1skit: Cousin Eddy
    @Ricky Daniels: Ricky Daniels
    @Forrest OAKADA: Leo Taylor
    @C.M. Shaddix: Corey Marcus "C.M." Shaddix
    @Chrxsiie: Raine
    @TNHOffical: Chris Kaizer
    @Blind: Mark Knight
    @Ellis Sullivan: Johnny Thunder
    @Botchie Botcherson: Arno Frye
    @KevinJamesFan: Ronnie S. Huxley
    @Dylan™ : Guernica
    @Big E Rection: Evander Amos
    @RedDwarfTechy: Brandon Pain
    @WUKOffical: The Blackfire
    @Gambino: Louie Aldo
    @Aurtle the Turtle: Rio Nakayama
    @NLSuplex: Ivy Hale
    @Black Wizard: Kelsey Taylor
    @Jet Starr: Slate Boss