Storyline Rematch Promo for IWT World Title

Discussion in 'Internet Wrestling Titles' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. Don't have time for this so..

    @Senhor Perfect

    Do it for me...​
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  2. What the hell? Dude, you're out.
  3. wtf?
    Have perfect dude it
    i don't have time to do it
    he does my promos for me when i not around
  4. Let me get this straight...

    You make a thread, telling someone else to do a promo for you. Instead of just PMing them and asking.
    You claim to have no time, and wouldn't even show until I Skyped you.
    And you still expect me to believe you'll show up for your match, and care enough to promo, or put on a good showing?

    I don't think so. This is retarded. If you have no time, tell me. Do it when you do have time. This thread was completely unnecessary, and saying "he does my promos for me when I not around" isn't that great of a response. He isn't your promo lacky, and it's actually against the rules for people to "do your promos". He's your storyline manager. He's to help you build the match and add a dimension to your character, gimmick, match and feud. If Senhor is down for adding build, cool, but it's your job as a competitor to do at least something. Blowing off your promo, and not telling me you have no time for god knows what reason, is stupid.

    You're out of the IWT World Title match.
  5. What rules? And Why can't he just do promo for me...? You skyple me saying to do something or I was out so I did... Then you said I am out anyway!? WTF!?
  6. Should've known what you were getting in to, lol.
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  7. What kind of rule is do something or you're out? Nigga get everyone's schedule outside of IWT when they're free to do it.
  8. Wait, Senhor is writing YOUR promo's too!!!!? @Senhor Perfect you said I was your only.

    Either way...
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. It's booking not a rule. We need to book the show, and FTJ had gone AWOL. I told him that he should do it, but if doesn't, then he won't be in the match. It isn't a punishment, it's whats necessary to book the match - in time.

    Also, the guy hadn't been around and didn't tell me anything about being busy, until now.

    That's another thing. What rules? What schedule? You obviously have no idea what you're doing. I'd rather have a small but aware roster than a big and unaware roster. And yes I did tell YOU to do a promo. You decide to shift it to someone else. Which in turn tells me, you don't want, care or have the time for the match or the title. If you had no time, you could've told me. You didn't respond and when you did you posted this shit.
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  11. Fucking hell, lads.
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. Final verdict.

    FTJ is out of the main event. If he has time to compete, we can find him a match on the undercard. As for the IWT World Title match Aids Johnson will be defending against @CrayJ Lee . If CrayJ Lee does not or can not appear for the event, Aids Johnson will face the winner of a #1 Contenders match that will take place earlier in the night.
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  15. [​IMG] Looking forward to it.
  16. You're not B.Dazzle!
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  17. Disgusting! As usual the powers that be are doing everything They can to hold down the one true champion EFF TEE JAY! First you call for sudden death after the time limit draw in which history shows the champion, my client, should have retained. You bar me from ringside, and now for no reason you are trying to deny his LEGAL CONTRACTUALLY BINDING RIGHT TO A REMATCH!!!! You'd best reconsider this Michael or I'll have you tied up in courts for years, and I'll win trust me on that!


    @Randy Savage
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  19. You can have it, when you get the time, bud.
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