Remember 1994?

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  1. I remember as the year music died, with Cobain committing suicide.
  2. I don't remember this as I was a just released from the womb.
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  3. Was 3. Still remember most of this shit like a boss
  4. [​IMG]
  5. I remember watching The Lion King that year. It was the first ever film I saw in a theater.
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  6. I was six at the time too so I don't remember it. However, The Lion King was GOAT and there was some great music released that year.
  7. step your memory game up
  8. You're a liar! :angry:
  9. You really can't remember things from when you were 6? because I can honestly remember things from 1994.

    I remember going to my first movie, the Flinstones.
  10. I remember a few things from preschool and kindergarten but the memories are minimal. I was a flower girl in my aunt and uncle's wedding when I was three. I think I remember that but sometimes I wonder if I think I remember it since I've been told about it and seen a video of it, and not because I really recall the memory. False memories can be common for some people at an early age.
  11. Yea the memories I have aren't things I've seen pics or videos of.

    There aren't many of them but I definitely have them. I remember driving around with my aunt listening to gangsters paradise when I was 3 or 4 lol. some things just stick with you for whatever reason
  12. Yeah that's cool! That seems like a fun memory to have :obama:
  13. OMGERD!!! SAMSIES! :yay:
  14. I remember something from when I was 2... My aunt took me and my brother down the street in the snow, we walked cause it wasn't far, to get pictures taken for Christmas. I think I was 2.. going on 3 ashely. I still have the picture :obama:
    And I remember some movies I saw, things that happened when I was 6. Not much but some stuff.
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  15. I also remember loving this tiny sled ornament on the christmas tree and stealing it to play with my toys when my mom was in her room. Busted me a few times and I got yelled at. LOLOL
    Then me and my cousin would sit behind the tree and pretend it was a club house. :dawg: yelled at for that too. :downer:

    Jokes on her though cause we kept doing it!!! :lol1:
  16. Fuck '94. Only thing great about that year is when I clawed my way out of my mother's womb and shot the doctor for disturbing me.
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  17. 94 ladies and gents!!
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  18. I saw these guys two years ago.

    I was 4 in 94.
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  19. Disturbing confession
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