Storyline Remember me?

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  1. A reporter stands outside a door backstage. He knocks, and moments later, Nick bursts it open. He sees the interviewer and knocks him out with a punch. The feed gets blurry, but it appears the cameraman is knocked down as well. The video starts again in a darker room. Nick is seen with his X-Division championship around his waist.

    "Hello everyone... remember me? I'm a champion, and while guys like Lee, Bryant and Antonio get all this recognition I'm left here to rot. Sure, I haven't been very active amongst the IWT lately, but who cares? Guys like Alias began the revival of this. Then Harriet came along, and was the steeping stone for me. I capitalized on the opportunity. I took this division from the lowest of lows and gave it relevance. I gave this title significance, prestige. And I am STILL disrespected. Can you blame me for not wanting to come around here?"

    "I mean, my main event, my FIRST one, MY MOMENT was ruined because the leader of my group didn't show up. Every time something is going to work out for me something ruins it. And I'm not having that... I'm not having that... not having that ever again! I'm mistreated, disrespected, underrated, and I'm gonna prove that at uprising. Because Frie - a decent guy and worker is my opponent. And that's all he his. Decent. He is decent and I am a legend. He isn't getting anywhere without Joey Bryant to piggy back. He's going to face the same fate as Harriet, the same fate as everyone else I destroyed at Mania. He's gonna be defeated, and fall into obscurity where he belongs."

    The video abruptly ends.
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